• BOY SLUT TRAINING - Submit and Obey: Part Three    

    Submit and Obey (Obsession for Cock) - Part Three is the twelfth installment of the BOY SLUT TRAINING series.  This suggestive file trains boy sluts to become preoccupied with dominant men’s cocks.  Servicing dominant men by submitting their boy-hole and being fucked is to become an obsession for good boy pig sluts.  The need for cock will become greater and greater.  This file also helps boys to further learn how to submit and obey without question.  Listen and become the pig boy slut that lurks within you.  As always, Sir Voice welcomes your comments.  You can correspond directly with Sir Voice by using the direct message feature of this website.  Be sure and look for future installments of this series.  Good boy!

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    Length: 30:05
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    Sir, Please hook me up with someone to submit to you. I need cock and please give me cock to serve. emailslut2@hotmail.com
    I listened to the whole serie and it has entirely changed my life. Thank you so much sirvoice. Today I am the good boy, the pig, the slut that I always wanted to be. I am constantly dreaming for cocks, searching for dominant men to serve, going regularly to cruising areas, happily saying and showing my submissiveness and I stopped to think too much. I am here to serve, to suck and get fucked. That's what I am here for and I am fulfilling my needs, obsessed to serve and be a good boy for sirvoice and other dominant men.
    Hello Sirvoice, I'm a diaper and poo poo boy, and I wish you would make poo play MP3's very much. Thank you Sir.
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