• 001 Forced Bedwetting Hypnosis - 3+HRS ABDL Diaper — $45    

    ABDL Diaper Hypnosis

    Advanced Level Forced Bedwetting Hypnosis 

    This product includes:

    3+ Hours Of Forced Bedwetting Hypnosis Audio

    5 Recordings with different voice/music overlays

    2 with / 2 without induction

    1 - 2 HOUR LOOP

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    This is hypnosis audio focused on night time forced bedwetting, mommy is in charge, age regression and the associated humiliation of bedwetting.

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    Length: 20:33
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    Mommy Katelyn has created this very effective gender-neutral hypnotic program for bedwetting. Mommy Katelyn has a very soothing voice so that you can easily fall into a trancelike state. The primary suggestions will help you give up control over your bladder while you sleep. Mommy includes additional suggestions so that you will want to wet your diaper in bed when you awaken. You will find that you want to listen to Mommy's words over and over. IMHO this is one of the best bedwetting training programs. You will want to wear an overnight diaper when listening to these files and have waterproof protection for your mattress. Oh, another thing, Mommy Katelyn's bedwetting program is designed to encourage leaks.
    Sample would be nice, all the files are pay only, so its not really possible to listen to something.
    Blackwolf I have posted 8 free files on here, but EMG decided they were all premium files. But if you'd like a sample of my voice or recordings you can find one on my main etsy page towards the bottom at sissyhypnosis.etsy.com there are also dozens of short clips on SoundCloud under my handle The Sissy Hypnotist, and my reddit community sissy_hypno. Hope this helps!
    FYI, this is the remastered version of Forced Bedwetting.
    I found them thank you, nice voice, just the teaser did make me feel strange, lucky you have nothing for me. I once knew a Katelyn in other rooms. Didnt know that EMG not allowed the files as free in here... Sorry to read.
    From my knowledge all new files are classified as Premium for the first 6 months that they're on WMM. Though if it's other than a MP3/script then those other file types may stay Premium forever.