• BOY SLUT TRAINING - Jockstrap Slut Boy    

    The thirteenth installment of the BOY SLUT TRAINING series is entitled Jockstrap Slut Boy.  This suggestive file trains boy sluts to focus on the feelings associated with wearing a jockstrap as a symbol of submission and service.  You will associate the feeling you get of wearing a jockstrap with the pleasure you get from being dominated.  You will realize that wearing a jockstrap adds to your lust and is a sign of obedience.   Becoming a jockstrap slut boy makes you feel good and purposeful.  There will be a post-hypnotic suggestion within this file.  As always, Sir Voice welcomes your comments.  You can correspond directly with Sir Voice by using the direct message feature of this website.  

    Rating: ★★★★★ (3)
    Length: 38:02
    Downloads: 337
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    This whole awesome series has so much impact on me. I discovered my true self and my purpose. I am fulfilled by the training files of sirvoice and I am now a proud good boy slut. Everyday, I try to find dominant men to serve and I am proudly becoming a cum pig for any guy that wants to use me. This file is awesome and I am now wearing a jockstrap 24/7. I am happy to know that I can be always ready to serve
    Please make a file that forces us to eat our own cum
    Where did sirvoice go? There is increasingly more time between recordings and this last one is from over six months ago. I always really enjoyed this series but I guess no more episodes are coming??