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    New 2024 Updated version!

    Feeling too skinny? Want to pack on the pounds? This file will make you eat and eat and eat, and you may find yourself a little bit horny from it too! (ok, maybe a LOT!) For only the most dedicated gainers, watch yourself balloon out of control and get huge! You will never be able to stop!

    Updated for 2024, this file uses Ericksonian language styles in the induction and story telling metaphor to implant suggestions more deeply. Unlike the previous file which focuses on eating out of control even when you're not hungry, this version focuses on the hunger and the emptiness and makes you get emptier and emptier as you eat more and more to really put you in a feeding frenzy! 

    Credit to Blink for the induction script. I've added an intro and changed the story of the character in the induction, but largely, the hypnotic techniques and stories are unchanged.

    Contains trance and pleasure triggers in case we ever talk. 

    7.5hz binaural hum, low-frequency bass hum, and meditative music.

    Body file has no music or binaural hum so you can use your own induction and processing on that if you wish.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (1)
    Length: 41:42
    Downloads: 22
    Whew! Listened to this file overnight, and today I literally cannot stop eating.....