• Small Dick Energy (AI voice) — $35   ,  

    An exciting and deeply humiliating hypnosis session for all small dicked losers which will help you to understand that you always be a sexual failure and so you need to accept that.  This file will not just shrink your little worm but will make you obsessed with being humiliated for your tiny penis.  You will find yourself becoming much more submissive in your every day life and developing an erotic fascination with confident masculine males.  You may consider locking yourself in chastity and wearing panties and you will abandon any thought of ever having a sexual relationship with a woman.  But don't worry sweetie, you will like it.  You will want everyone around you to notice your small dick energy.

    This is a powerful session which is likely to cause severe penis shrinkage, impotence, social humiliation and may causes changes to your sexuality.  It is perfect for all those who are insecure about their penis size and have submissive tendencies.  It is aimed at all beta males but is also a perfect primer for those considering sissification.  It is only recommended for those who are psychologically robust and prepared for significant changes to their lives and sexual desires.

    This recording uses an AI female voice.  Listen to a free file using this voice or if you do not have premium membership listen to a short sample here.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (1)
    Length: 46:36
    Downloads: 33
    Any chance of a normal TTS file coming down the line? Nothing against the new voice, I just prefer robotic voices for training.
    I will consider it, however I will also be uploading a version featuring Mistress Clarissa shortly and I don't want to clog up the site. This might be something I will be able to offer via Patreon which I hope to launch at the beginning of next month.
    Looking forward to the Mistress Clarissa version.
    …. and exploring the new Patreon site.