• Sweet Coercion — $40    

    This file is for subs who want to serve Mistress Clarissa.

    It’s ideal for those subs who want a deeper level of control and humiliation, and who fantasise about being coerced, blackmailed and exposed by their Mistress.

    As ever you will sinking into relaxation and trance effortlessly whilst listening to Mistress Clarissa's crisp British accent and soft soothing voice.

    This file will deepen your submission and addiction to Mistress Clarissa’s  voice and control, and intensify your obsession with being exposed. You will crave to tell her everything, and to hand over the necessary photos and information to Mistress Clarissa that could result in your friends, family and colleagues knowing all of your dirty secrets if you displease her.

    This is an intense power exchange file which may make real changes to your life and your interactions with Mistress Clarissa, and is aimed at submissive men who desire coercion, exploitation and the threat of exposure.

    Do not listen to this file unless you are in a stable and psychologically healthy state of mind.

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    Length: 40:34
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