• Crave Masculinity starring Mistress Clarissa — $40    

    I know you've fought it.  But it's time to surrender to your desires.  It's time to accept your true nature.  It's time to accept you need a man to become sexually aroused.  And this recording will help you.  This recording will increase your sissy and homosexual desires.  You will crave masculinity.  You will crave to be penetrated.  And that craving will be with you all the time.  It will make you feel desperate.  It will make you feel so needy and weak.  And the more submissive and effeminate you become then the more intense the cravings will feel.

    This hypnotic session is aimed at sissies and effeminate bois of all types who long to be owned by an assertive masculine man.  You will learn to take comfort from your desires which will become so strong that you will finally have the courage and confidence to act on them.  So listen as often as you can and become the submissive sissy pleasure puppet you were born to be.

    Written and produced by MsJ and voiced by London Hypnodomme Mistress Clarissa.  An AI version of this file is also available.

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    Length: 40:39
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