• harmed - Dumb Passive Thing — $15    

    Mmm yes. Professor Harm is back with more. Uniting us all with our shared fantasy. Just like that….


    These files are effective. Tried and true. You will get dumber. And it will be permanent. Because this is real hypnosis we’re doing.  And as real as it is, it’s also incredibly fun, isn’t it?


    This one will make you a Dumb Passive Thing. Simply letting the world pass you by. Just going with the flow. No aspirations. No motivation. Simply letting other dominate your life. Just as you like it, don’t you?


    harmed: Human Adjustment Reprogramming Machine Education & Destruction.


    Start with the Trancer, then mix in your other harmed files and let them loop. Some like to touch. Others find themselves lost in the hypnotic void. Use headphones, and set the volume to something peaceful.


    Feeling stupid?? I like that

    Rating: ★★★★★ (1)
    Length: 20:00
    Downloads: 10
    Have been using this with some of its drone training. Feels really powerful. Have been thinking again a lot
    3rd listen. Feels like it's a bit too strong to listen to but keep coming back