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    A powerful and erotic multi-voiced AI hypnosis session which will ensure you will always be friend zoned if you attempt to form a sexual relationship with a woman.  But you will learn to like this and will take pleasure from sexual rejection because you understand what it means. Women just don't see you as a man.  They don't see you as someone they might have a sexual or romantic relationship with.  They see you much more as one of the girls and that makes you squirm and feel all squishy inside.

    Whilst the main focus of this file is about ensuring you will never have sex with a woman again you will be repeatedly teased about how feminine you are and your possible attraction to men.  But this issue will not be forced on you and is intended to just encourage you to begin thinking about what you truly want from life.  The primary purpose of this session is to ensure you will be friend zoned for life and that you will learn to enjoy a different kind of relationship with women.

    This recording could be seen as a prequel to my recent One Of The Girls file and is suitable for those who are taking their first tentative steps into a more feminine lifestyle as well as the more experienced.

    One Of The Girls Part 2 will be released next month via my Patreon

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    Length: 42:13
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