• A Sissy Loser's Sexual Exploration (AI) — $25   , ,  

    What happens when the AI girls team up to help you experience your sexual fantasies?  Is it enough or is something very important missing?  Can you even get hard with women, or do you need something else?

    This is not a traditional hypnosis file but instead a multi-voiced erotic dialogue for all those submissive sissy losers who are confused about their sexuality.  This recording aims to confront you with your desires and is designed force you to accept what you really want.  Let your arousal show you who you truly are with the aid of the latest cutting edge AI technology.

    This recording uses a mixture of female and male high quality AI voices.  A short sample of this file is currently available on my Patreon

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    Length: 21:43
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    whatever the voice equivalent of kerning is, it's fucked up here. Previous AI files were a lot more life-like in delivery. Were you doing a load of manual time-stretching to fix it before?
    To address this feedback. The vast majority of this file and all the female voices used are exactly the same voices, at the same speed, with the same effects and production techniques, as the previous AI files.