• MM BabyTrain2 Full — $10    

    This is the full version with induction, suggestions and wakening.

    This file will reinforce your loss of bladder control, and love of diapers,and acceptance of being a baby.

    Additionally, this file will teach you some proper baby behaviours and let you behave as a baby should behave, normally and naturally.

    Please note, this file will make you permanently impotent and unable to achieve an erection, so you wet your diapers uncontrollably all the time. After all a baby can not have an erection or they wouldn't be able to wet. Also the file will cause your penis to shrink to smaller than a newborn baby's penis, and it will remain so forever.

    You have been forewarned, so don't cry to me when you have a tiny little baby penis that is always soft and impotent.

    NB: You can NOT edit out the suggestions for impotence and tiny penis as this will destroy the flow of the file and background binaural effects.



    Rating: ★★★★★ (12)
    Length: 56:20
    Downloads: 2629
    All I can say is... wow. I have never had much luck with hypnosis before but this file does what it says it does. After one play through, my penis was a lot smaller, maybe a little more then an inch long, and I have not been able to get an erection since. Use with caution.
    One of the best baby hypno files...I hope I see the changes in my penis soon!
    yes that is a very nice hypno file i like them very much and hear them very often. it makes me more and more feeling like a little baby. wetting in my diapers is so normal for me now...and my penis is getting smaller and this is so nice to have a little penis in the diapers
    I hope you can add another file to these series soon, babies don't have sex or babies don't need girls etc.
    Does this file cause you to wet even when you are not wearing a diaper or is do you wet only when you are wearing a diaper ?
    You know you want the effects of this file or you wouldn\'t be reading my comment. You\'re wondering if it will really make you impotent and tiny, and if so whether you will be happy about it. The answer to these questions is a wonderful YES. At first I didn\'t think it would make ME impotent, but I gradually realized it was happening, and I could NOT stop listening to the file. But it\'s SO much better this way! Always being soft makes wetting easy and natural, and now I\'m so small I can wet only into the middle of the diaper, not out the sides. The file also makes us wet heavily in anticipation of being nursed whenever we see a women\'s nipple, so I have to be very careful about that if I\'m with a woman who doesn\'t know I\'m a big baby. If she tries to seduce me I will wet when she takes her top off, and I will be unable to get an erection no matter how she stimulates me. And this is exactly what all you diaper boys want, so what are you waiting for? I promise it will be permanent and you won\'t ever want to go back. Soft dreams!
    I like
    I can\'t resist. Here I am again. \nThe file is affecting me. Creating a building perfectly the framework. More and more, it gets built. I\'m wanting to slip into it more. \nThe music is wonderful.\nPlease write me if you\'ve have had experience with this file, too.. I would love to hear about it or to share what it\'s happening.\nI\"m downloading again now and will probably listen to it over and over for a while tonight.
    This excellent file really is enjoyable to hear and addresses so many different facets that makes regressing so real. Excellent, excellent.
    it works, im a male to female transexuall and the hormones have already made my penis small anyhow, but this file is great..! xoxo @tsgina on twitter
    I can\'t get enough of this and I\'m back for more. Thank you for creating this wicked, humiliating curse.
    This says for boys only. Will it have any adverse effects on girls, transgender or otherwise?
    would you consider making a file centered around giving the listener a tiny little baby penis?
    Excellent file. I am hopeful that the i start noticing the effects soon. However after only one listen I noticed that the impotence suggestion was already taken effect. Which is great considering that babies don't get erections, and they are also distracting. Your files are helping me become the baby I am. Other thing I noticed is that I am craving my pacifier more now. I am completely addicted to your files and keep listening to them. Your voice is calming and easy to listen to and how you tell your suggestions make them easy to follow and understand and accept. Thank you very much.
    It doesn't say anything about wearing just a diaper and T-shirt oy baby clothes. It says you have to wait until you wet the diaper twice before changing. Should say you have to wait for an hour after the second wetting to change it and if there is someone there that has changed it before, you have to ask them to change it and you would only be able to change if they say no. If they say they will change it later, you will have to wait for them to change it.
    How long does it take to shrink the penis to shrink down to a babies penis? I like the idea of impotence. In the past I had problems with diapering with an erection.
    I would like a file that causes a permeant complete and total loss of bladder control and permanently impotent and unable to achieve an erection, with a babies pienis