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    As far as curses go, this one's mild: you need permission to orgasm. Anyone can give you permission, anyone at all. But without SOMEONE'S permission, you are NOT going to come, no matter how much you try, no matter how long you beg. Of course, begging turns you on, which doesn't help matters one bit. You can read Cal's original description at http://www.warpmymind.com/modules.php?name=Files&file=Comment&fid=1422

    Orgasm Control
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    Length: 22:14
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    At a User's request, I have added more Binaural effects to this file. The file I originally posted, which feature's littlecaltoy's voice Alone, is now posted in the 'Binaural' slot. The new File has reportedly Worked after only ONE Use, so be sure that This Curse IS What You Want before you Listen To This File.
    Okay, strike that and reverse it... The file in the binaural slot is a full effects file with binaural beat tones. The file with binaural beat effects littlecaltoy\'s voice alone is back in the free slot. Oh, and Happy Holidays!
    I\'m a crossdresser and find viewing myself in my femme outfits is a real turn on. My Mistress got me to dress like this today http://www.flickr.com/photos/taniasissygirl/7949334348/in/photostream. She then told me to look in the mirror and gave me an hour to try and make myself cum. Normally, dressed like that, it would be almost instant - but I\'d listened to this file each night for a week as I went to bed. Most times I fell asleep while listening and imagined it didn\'t work - but it looks as though it has. I wonder if it\'s really permanent.
    The files description mentions the inability to orgasm and \'cum\' which are different, and after having listened once, I realize that it is a persons\' orgasm, the sensations occurring during sex, are what this file specifically bans. It did not control me after one listen, but I already felt something from one listen for sure. It was also so relaxing, much more than other files here, and I almost want to listen again, just for that, but I\'d prefer if the file banned ejaculation rather than orgasm. I am pretty sure this file can do what it says, based on my reaction from one listen.
    Along with being locked in a chastity cage, i am finally unable to orgasm unless my wife gives me permission. Before this file, I could masturbate the cage and cum, now for some reason, I get close and just let go and can\'t even touch my cage until I calm down. This has been happening to me for 3 months now. Today is aweful as my wife always tells me \"absolutely not, no orgasm at all for you Pet today\". It is aweful because I am crazy horny and frustrated. Thank you Calimore
    So, uhm, I guess I\'ve just joined the ranks of the \'gasm-less .__.\'\'
    I really enjoy this file and I do enjoy losing control. Thank you. I am a good girl.