• LR Husband Feminized — $50    
    This is Lady Rio's recording of a file from the August Script Challenge that was scripted by SlutinmyHead. The listener experiences being used and feminized by their own wife including being used by other men. This file is fairly intense.

    Rating: ★★★★☆ (5)
    Length: 51:55
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    This file is amazing and well worth the money. First off, Lady Rio sounds fantastic. If you've enjoyed her other files, this one will blow you away. Perhaps you'll notice triggers from her obedience and submission files. It's not imperative to be familiar with those, but you'll definitely get more out of it. Awesome file though. It hits on a bunch of different themes including female domination, cuckoldry, financial domination, bisexuality, body marking and of course, feminization. Lots of sneaky little mind tricks too. This is definitely one of the most explicit files I've heard on this site so far. Great work, Lady Rio!
    the description doesn't say anything about financial domination and body marking. i think that should be mentioned, because not everyone who likes the description would want the themes slutinmyhead describes.
    Of course, that's the wonderful thing about hypnosis. Listen enough times and any theme just seems more and more natural :)