• Addictive Breast Play — $10    
    This file is for men or women and works in stages as it addicts you to playing with your own nipples, then breasts. You start with an growing addiction to playing with your nipples. Then it grows to your breasts, then you get sensitive enough to orgasm from playing with them and have to to get any relief. It\'s an insidious little curse. Enjoy!

    Rating: ★★★★☆ (28)
    Length: 19:39
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    This is one file that works so well! My slave cannot figure out why she enjoys playing with her tits anymore and when she see\'s Me coming puts her arms across her chest for fear I will touch them and she will have to go find someplace to play with them so she can cum. So yes, this is a great one. Thanks EMG
    errmm wow. I have been working with some of the more advanced files such as tentacle hentai to some degree of success, but not tons, but this...wow. I was so horny and playing with my breasts by the time it was done that I had precum oozing out by the time I was done...I swear EMG you linked my cock to my breasts. Crazy. This will be all sorts of fun for public play. Much thanks...I think, lol.
    coming back to comment again...EVIL EVIL EVIL addiction...cant stop. This is after 2 listens people, emg did his job well. I love it and hate it. It\'s got me in a frenzy.
    This is one of the first files I have tried at WMM, and I keep coming back to it. I certainly enjoy the feeling I get from it. Hypnosis has turned out to be a lot of fun, and I certainly want more! Thanks, EMG!
    Can\'t stop coming back! I love the effects and I\'m truly addicted. Awesome file!
    I can\'t get into this file at all. There\'s a point where the nipples are so sensitive it\'s painful to the touch, and constantly playing with them makes this worse. I commend EMG for at least attempting to make breast focused files, but I\'m not sure he quite understands how they work.
    I\'ve only listened 2-3 times so far and I am doing exactly what the file tells me to.
    I listened to this file for about a week before I had to stop. My hands were finding their way to my breasts and I wasn\'t even realizing. I moved on quickly from nipples to the whole breast, but walking around at work cupping my breasts unconsciously was getting a bit too much. Great file though
    So like, I rarely use to play with my tits right? I\'m not even kidding here. I listened to this ONCE a few weeks ago, I\'ll just be walking down the stairs and suddenly my hands are groping my nipples and tits again. I\'ll be doing nothing sexual at all and I\'ll just start playing with my nipples through my tshirt or something and I think about my nipples like *all* the time now! Now like every time I dont\' have a top on I\'m playing with my nipples >.< I only listened once! what the heck >.<
    Is there a subliminal file of this? Could someone make and add one?
    Didn't like it that much to be fair
    Too addictive for me, I listened a few years agi=o, and although I stopped listening easily, I have found that the compulsion is still present, very reduced, but it won't go entirely away, I guess because nipple stimulation is somewhat pleasureable anyway, so that it is slightly self reinforcing. Unfortunately every time I do stimulate myself, probably not directly because of the hypnosis nowadays, but just because it became a habit, I immediately crave hypnosis a little bit.
    Can someone please send me a copy? Animegeek96.vl@gmail.com
    Can someone send me a copy too? 879163@gmail.com
    I can't stop touching my nipples and breasts... everyday I wait in anticipation for a time to play with them so I can finally cum. Super sensitive breasts but I'm constantly edging and unable to cum from just nipple play so I'm really being dedicated ;)
    Can someone send this to me through hypnosis2400@gmail.com thank you.
    Can someone send me a copy too? arrzee101@gmail.com
    WOW... This file really works!