• Sarnoga - The Diaper Does It    
    This is a trigger file. Wearing a diaper is the trigger that will cause you to wet uncontrollably whether asleep or awake so long as you are wearing a diaper and only if you are wearing a diaper. The diaper does it. This is also a curse file. If you do not wear a diaper at least once every 10 days or nights you will begin to wet your pants or wet your bed. You will wet your pants or bed more often until you either wear a diaper again or have wet your bed or pants twenty times and then you will be free of the curse. This file will also increase your desire to wear diapers and will addict you to listening to this file.

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    wow...i love this one.... :)
    Thanks reverie.
    i enjoyed this file four times already
    really enjoy this file - D/L it yesterday morning, and have already listened 7-8 times...no effects as of yet but I am optimistic. Very good job! I\'d love to see an addendum to add in loss of bowel control also. thanks :)
    WOW that felt weird. As if I was compleatly parelized.
    is this file actually addicting?
    Be careful this works too well. After a month + of listening and playing with the diaper I decided to stop and carry on with my in control ( I thought ) life. So I did not think the curse would work I got though day 10 and 11 without a problem. On day 12 I went out with some work mates, we where all leaving and I had to go to the restroom. It was a busy bar so there was a bit of a line. I was waiting and the next thing I know I was wetting my pants. Thinking yea maybe I listen too long and had a few beers but that will be the end of it but it was not. On day 15 I wet my unprotected bed, you must understand I never had any problems before. I will be going to the store to buy more diapers. Sarnoga you are too good..
    Boy, this one took me by surprise. I had to laugh.\n\nI put on a Depends pull-ups and a pair of plastic pants... just as a precaution... I wasn\'t planning to fall asleep. I played the file on repeat figuring I\'d listen to it a couple of times through. About an hour and a half later I woke up with a drenched bed. I must have pissed a lot, because the the Depends were overwhelmed and it leaked through the elastic around my legs, and soaked the sheet and mattress pad wet enough to created a circle the width of the twin bed and just a long as it was wide. It struck me as funny because I had just changed the sheets and washed the mattress pad that evening from two or three earlier failed diaper occurrences. And I don\'t have a bedwetting problem usually.
    I\'m not quite sure what I was expecting when I downloaded this file, but I can honestly say that it wasn\'t what I experienced. House to myself one afternoon, I put on a Tranquility ATN diaper and leaned back in my recliner and hit play. When I woke up I didn\'t really think much had happened. After a couple of times wetting and \"hearing\" the words \"The diaper does it\" in my mind as I wet, it\'s very evident that things are definitely not normal.
    One of my first files I downloaded. Listened to it once on a Playlist in deep trance (Sarnogas Diaper induction. Lol) and I filled a diaper the following morning in less than two hours. Every time I wet, I \"heard\" \'the diaper does it.\' Took off the diaper and got full control back. Started wearing every day now at least once just to be safe. :) thanks sarnoga
    This file certainly seems to have an effect on me the more I listen to it. Over the past several months, I would somehow find myself being drawn back to this file and to my diapers as well, as I find myself not just wanting but actually needing my diapers more and more. These days, I'm also finding myself more prone to accidents if I'm not in my diapers too. As soon as I have an accident, then the first thing I find myself thinking about is this file. The next thing I know, I find myself being drawn back to it again and craving to put on another diaper.
    Oh I so hope this works on me. This would be perfect to ensure I keep coming back to my diaper wearing and cure me of going months between wearing, I've only listened a few times so far and I'm back to download again, I find trance difficult and really want this to work.
    I have been wearing diapers 24/7 for about 3 yrs now and have struggled to wet them in one go often taking an hour of small wee's to fill it to the point I need to change and I have never woken up wet. after two listens to this track I am completely wetting my diapers with very little effort and each time I am completely emptying my bladder in stead of the little spurts here and there and this morning I woke up with a wet diaper that had been wet for some time as it was completely soaked in. I obviously had inhibitions about wetting my diapers but this track seems to have lifted them as I dont even seem to give flooding my diaper a second thought. I use to have a real problem messing in my diaper before I listened to this often having to push to the point of hurting myself and often only producing a tiny bit of poo, but I have just had to change my second messy diaper of the day and it was a full load which I didnt even have to push. maybe the key is how much you really want this before you listen for the first time because I was sceptical and didnt believe for a second it would work and I was really not expecting the messing part to improve as its a wetting track
    My first time using this file I was wearing my tena super and some plastic pants just in case it worked. I am glad I did I woke up and not more ready then a minute later I felt the urge to pee and I could not do anything but give in because the diaper does it. Anyways I had to go out and run errands and I wasn’t too wet yet so i didn’t need a change. I remember being very thirsty before I left and I drank some coffee and water then left. Then it wasn’t too much longer walking sown the sidewalk I felt the urge again. The diaper does it, it was like my bladder could not fill up. After my first stop my diaper was definitely sodden. I still had to travel over to the drug store I picked up a sports drink ok the way drank all of that then got to the drug store that’s where Brett like the floodgates opened. I just remember every few minutes the diaper does it and by the times I had gotten my things I was near waddling and my diaper was expanded showing through my jeans. I did not mean to wet myself That much in publiC I should have changed my diaper when I had the chance. The diaper does it, I was swimming in my plastic pants by the time I got home. I have then took the diaper off and changed since then it seems I have control when diapered but will try again for sure great file .
    I've been listening to this for almost 2 years and love it. If I go without my nappy and plastic pants for a few days I can see them in my minds eye and hear in my head "the diaper does it" It has helped me remain nappied every few days. Thank you Sarnoga. Would it be possible to suggest an upgrade which compels the listener to wear their nappies and plastic pants for 24 consecutive hours and to wet and if they cheat and take them off early they wet themselves within the nest two hours and have to repeat the 24 hours or better still 48 hours for cheating?
    This file is both pleasurable and WORKS. On second listen a full diaper. Thank you again Sarnoga for an excellent file.