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    This file expands upon Cog in the Machine. In the future, you are BRAINWASHED by machines, MIND WIPED by dominants, SEPARATED from your body, REBUILT into a SUBMISSIVE pleasure drone and shipped to Mars for auction to HORNY construction workers. Science fiction and hypnosis... What could possibly go wrong?

    Rating: ★★★★★ (3)
    Length: 32:40
    Downloads: 396
    Dammit now, sounds to ME like I may REALLY have to sample this file. I\'ve IM\'d you my phone number, pause - call any time to make arrangements. ;)
    Thanx for allowing me to sample it and sorry for the double post. I listened once yesterday and only recall thinking that the induction sounded like your Cog in the Machine file... I\'m going to listen again to the file soon but more critically, and then again to see if still causes lack of recall, but obviously your technique is sound. Your style IS very easy to get used to - I look forward to listening again.
    This file is indeed a fun and interesting blend of SF and hypnosis and, although I would make a few small edits, the file still managed to take me quite deep. Now, I must admit that I have been listening to a couple of your other files for the past two weeks, so I was fairly accustomed to going into trance for you before I sampled it. The reason I can\'t recall your file may have something to do with the dkaiser file I sampled immediately afterwards (Subservient to Hypnosis, currently a Premium file I also recommend). Brainwashing is one of my favorite themes and the cyborg element of this file was also, for me, very appealing. Overall, I must say that if the above description sounds intriguing to the reader at all then it is well worth the current asking price, as repeated use of this file should nicely reinforce MANY popular fetishes such as bimboization dollification, and robotization (plus cuckolding, castration fantasy, and several others). A Very Nice Effort, SlutinmyHead - I\'d rate it a 4, maybe even 5 and am I\'m predicting it will actually become fairly popular here. Within a week or three you should start to see regular monthly downloads. Please consider playing with that style on a free file so more users get a sample of it, maybe a shorter, edited version called \"Hackable\"? Just a thought and Thanks Again.
    That\'s what Cog in the Machine is for, though admittedly, when I listened to that file recently, I was kind of horrified by how fast I spoke. I did include the entirety of Cog in the Machine in this file, though obviously added much, much more. Thanks for some of the best feedback I\'ve gotten since I began posting on this site.
    i listend to this file after having been woken in the night, i cant recall very much of it. i woke up again when i was moved out of the spaceship by a conveyor belt, i think, i wonder what kind of suggestions i got. :)\n
    I listen to Ghost in the Machine followed by this file. It was so intense.\n\nI really went under. It was incredible. I felt like I was fully under your control. Afterward, I was so horny, I just had to shoot my load... but when I nodded off to sleep, I felt like the files were still working on me. I kept waking up, and I felt like I was frozen, I couldn\'t move. And without intending to, I kept imagining 2 men using me sexually. It was like one of those dreams you have after you go to bed after eating something that doesn\'t settle right. I kept going in and out of it the dream. I felt like I was becoming more and more aroused, as I was huddled in this kind of fetal position holding myself, until finally my pelvis thrust forward like I was shooting another load. When I finally snapped out of it, I had to jerk off again. It was amazing.\n\nI have only had a few hypnotists affect me with this kind of intensity... but I think so far, this was the most intense.