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    This file is aimed at those who have desires to be dressed as a woman, treated sexually as a woman and most importantly to be used by men. Those for whom this is just a passing fancy should be completely cured of all sissy desires by this curse. However some sissies cannot be changed at all. Being a sissy is so ingrained into their personality and identity that it is impossible for me or any other hypnotist to ever change that. This file will not work on those sissies and may well make them worse. The file is the first in a series, some sissies may require further treatments after listening to this file which will become available in time. At the very least this file should diagnose the depth of your sissy condition. The file is also rather filthy. Ms Julie is not responsible for any failure to cure your sissy cock sucking desires, some people just cannot be changed.

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    Length: 1:01:25
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    i used to like the idea of sucking cock, i am now such a cock sucking sissy slut i totally need to worship cock like the mindless whore i am *giggle*
    Such a very hot and effective file. I am totally an incurable cock sucking sissy slut.
    Just hoping the next cure works better...smiles.\n
    hi i want to be a diaper wetting dick sucking sissy and when the dick explods hot cum into my sucking mouth i ejucklate into my diapers and pink plastic pants how nasty is that yum