• Failing to Resist    
    Teaches your subconscious mind to defeat your conscious resistance to trances and post hypnotic suggestions every time. (Note: Hypnotists should use the trance trainer version as it has special safeties to keep this from messing up your hypnotic practice.)

    Rating: ★★★★★ (56)
    Length: 29:05
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    Wonderful voice and a great file. So arousing to listen to.
    Tried to download the binaural but got an error message saying it couldn't be found.
    The binaural is giving a file not found error.
    i've never heard such an effective file. when Jack shows his real voice in this file, it is like Clark Kent vs Evil Superman before. Deft and Able.
    Your voice is incredible, your technique is skilled. This is absolutely one of the hottest most powerful hypnosis files i've listened to in a long long time.
    That was incredibly well made!
    This helped me tonight, surprised me really. I'm tempted to buy the deluxe file as having no ability to resist any of the hypnosis files I've created for myself is the end goal. I made a test suggestion that I know I'd chicken out of because of disease risk and unknowns plus it's cold outside. At the end of this file, I wakened, put on my shoes and coat, fired my own sewage disposal triggers and went outside and stayed out, in the cold, not noticing the cold as I slowly, carefully followed the suggestions. Took me a while to come out enough to mitigate any risks I just took. Was very very horny. Thank you.
    nice file. need to listen to it again. I know/feel I went deep and enjoyed it
    I wish I had discovered your files much sooner. Thank you
    One of the suggestions is to find excuses to obey and to not resist, after about 14 listens I wanted to resist the can't open your eyes suggestion. Couldn't convince myself to want to even try it, let alone do it. So yeah... Pretty intense!
    This file took me the deepest I have ever gone after about 8 listens. So it's a success. Previously I could never get into any sort of even medium deep trance. Will wait a bit more but likely will buy the deluxe trainer version if only to support and encourage this free version. This opened a whole world of therapeutic opportunities for me, making files that I just heard and had only a relaxing effect into things that work. Thank you so much. From a technical, standpoint it's a very good recording and displays a great deal of skill. Check it out, especially if you have problems going into trance or getting post hypnotic suggestions to work.
    I dropped deep, craving to come back again.
    I've tried to listen to this file objectively several times... but i black out and go deep with it every time. Feels great upon waking. I definitely want to try the paid version!
    Congratulations:) An excellent file!! The effects are enhanced by the fact that you explain what is happening to us.....made me feel even more helpless. Going over the edge and falling into the power of the subconscious is awesome...impossible to think....you just drift helplessly!! Very addictive indeed! I forgot....the arousal is very real!
    Just because this file is free on WMM does NOT constitute consent to publish on SoundCloud. Please ask before posting my files.
    So aroused after listening for the first time. Wow, this feels good.
    i am someone that relaxes well to files but never responds to suggestions. i've just finished my 20th listen and feeling addicted to listening more -- it's a craving. sometimes the file makes me black out completely and sometimes i am more aware of what is going on. but every time by eyes stay shut and i am unable to move. i wish i knew what the subliminals are saying -- it is so tantalizing having them just out of audibility. the one thing that hasn't happened yet -- and i take it as a sign i am still resisting -- is that the file doesn't make me physically aroused. i'll have to keep on listening. a great file, a very sexy voice, and very well-produced, and effective.
    I think I know the answer to this question after reading the comments, but... does this file use arousal?
    Read the script, so nvm
    OMG, this file is the best. Great job.
    Deepest I've ever gone. I really couldn't open my eyelids. I kept zoning out and "day dreaming", for example thought I was downstairs talking to my grandma when I was still in bed. I think that is the closest to "blacking out" I've ever gotten. Can't wait to try the paid version!
    This is great. Apart from my lack of breathing occasionally dragging me out abit, you get me down so deep. Thanks. :)
    Love this file, as with other files by Jack that I've used. Put me under deep, and can't wait to go under to some other hypnosis.
    I just went incredibly deep. I don't really remember most of what was said but I felt amazing the whole time.
    This WORKS. i opened my account today just to comment, after JD provided it to me as an example. i had not used tapes before, although i listen and watch things online, this was my first "induction" - i have listened almost every other day for a week. i can tell it is affecting me, i am going deeper every time, and i am getting comfortable with becoming mindless. i want to get more tapes but my "sense" is that i need to continue to listen to this for a while before diving in. i think this and other tapes will make a BIG difference in my overcoming a lifetime of social conditioning against my sub/sexual desires - repression has done nothing but damage my life and limit what i have to offer others, and i know, deep inside, this will bring FREEDOM - to serve, to become, and more. Thank YOU JD.
    Holy crap, I’m a very suggestible subject already, but that was sublime. Wow. Thank you so much for that trance. I can’t wait to do it again.
    At the end I wasn't certain how well it had worked, but then I realized half an hour had passed instead of the ten minutes I had assumed...damn.
    Pretty hard to leave my thoughts and comments about a file I don't remember, lmao
    I've tried hypno files off and on for years, and they have been fun, but I've never been tranced like this before, don't remember it, but know I want more, and I find myself listening 1-3 times a day, always go deep and started blacking out to it, this is what I have been looking for!
    Really Awesome File. Went deep and actually can't remember most of it, which is a rare occurrence for me. Hoping to see improvements when listening to other files I use as well.
    I have a hard time focusing, but this was so soothing and pleasurable. I know I need to listen to it again.
    Beware: I heard "you want to buy more files" at 5:30 and that breaks my trust and kills the trance instantly for me.
    @Kaittycat you should listen better or the time is incorrect... its said: "making fewer and fewer comments and words as they go by..."
    Such a good file. Didn't realise how well it was working but now as soon as I hear Jack's voice I get a throbbing hard-on. Still can't go all the way under but defs gets me deep and horny for more
    Jack Drago, this file is hypno-perfection. My gratitude and praise are yours.
    I don’t often comment on files, but holy crap that was the first time ive ever gone so deep. When my eyes wouldn’t open, and believe me I tried with all my might, it was so surprising. Thank you for this, and i’ll definitely be getting the pay file once i get some money in my account. Peace!
    so, I felt like I was somewhat aware during the entire thing, but when I began to wake up, I noticed I could barely feel my own fingers, it was really hard to move them, and I started experiencing my consciousness phasing back into focus, it was like waking up from a deep nap. I think I genuinely went into a really deep trance, this is rare. I also have post hypnotic amnesia and even now I feel a little out of it and not like I'm all here yet. This file is really cool I'm having an issue fighting myself already, a fun one. I wanted to resist the urge to write that I would probably be listening to this file a lot more often to see how long it takes me to lose awareness. But, I couldn't. Seems I won't have to listen to the file again for a while it's working perfectly.. that's a first for me. Files usually take way more effort to get working. Now i'm going to end up having fun trying other files to see how much my susceptibility increased.
    Hey... that actually worked O_o
    Very solid file, easy to listen to. Feels good too, and while I don't get full amnesia, it definitely didn't feel like half an hour either!
    This is my favorite file and I listen to it religiously. Works amazing and takes you so deep so you can hear the secret.
    @Kaittycat: I hear it in the background, too, or something that sounds like it. I'm getting "you want to buy more slides" but that seems less topical than yours. @masterdo77: it's the second vocal track in the background
    Best file I've ever used. I listen to it once a day.
    Very powerful file, it takes me very deep and I can feel every suggestion lock in. I've listened to it before sleeping and eventually feel asleep but woke up during a repitition of the file (I think) and I was just being pulled up and down deeper into surrender and arousal and after it endeded I was squirming in pleasure!
    I didn't expect this to work at all, since it's very hard for me to trance with all the things distracting me every second. But this file did something very, very right, and while I was kind of aware during the whole thing, It was like I was in a nap, listening to the voice and just feeling good. I actually don't rember that much of what was said, but I'm just surprised it worked on the first try, and that it worked so well. Will be listening more, so I can enjoy more the world of hypnosis!
    @Kaittycat ah, yes, a very quiet voice to the right, in the background. I heard it too... Tut tut.... naughty author!
    Hey, just tried this. Kinda new to hypnosis, but I have been having some trouble getting into trance, sometimes I can't even tell if I am deep enough, so I decided to give this a shot. I must say it was very relaxing, but didn't pass out. I could feel my conscious mind clearly during all of the recording, but I could feel it trying to slip away in some parts. I am gonna try to listen to it some more days and see if I can get over the blockade. But, anyway, for people that still have to listen and are hesitating, I must say there are no weird suggestions in this file, it feels completely save and it just tryies to get you used to getting more easily into trance. As a note: thanks JackDrago for this file, I really enjoyed it, it was very calming and I love your voice omg. I know it must not be for everyone, but damn, for me it was the perfect mix. Really looking formward to looking into more of your content.
    Wow this file is amazing, I have never felt so deep in trance, your voice is so nice to listen to!
    Just listened to it twice back to back, time to go see if it worked
    great file. Really couldn't open my eyes.... Often find I am not fully submitting and able to resist but strangely enough, the more i tried to resist, the deeper I went. Completely lost any awareness of outside world. Just drifted more and more. Thought I wouldn't be able to come out of it I was so deep. And what a sexy voice......