• MajorPixel - cock sucker... — $20    
    A nice 20 min loop that will set you to needing to kneel for better men and to suck on their dicks for 'em... Cool, huh? Use headphones since its another of my oh so slick tricks... And you'll want to get every drop that cums your way from this nifty bit... cock sucker... by your ol' homie... Dan "Major Pixel" Kemmis... aka The Voice 666

    Rating: ★★★★★ (3)
    Length: 20:00
    Downloads: 603
    I want to dress in panties garter stockings and a sexy top and go to the bookstor and get on my nees and suck off dicks yum
    Amazing -- really put me in submissive headspace and gave me that feeling I get when I\'m on my knees ready to service a Man. Hardly seems like 20 minutes goes by. Thank you, Voice!