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    This induction will not seem like an induction. I keep giving you reasons not to trust me, then take you down anyway to finally give you suggestions that your anus will itch when you do bad. Examples include lying, stealing and not letting me merge into your lane in traffic. This induction is experimental, so feedback is particularly appreciated. Do not download this unless leaving feedback. Your ass will itch. Fair warning...

    Rating: ★★★★★ (9)
    Length: 27:33
    Downloads: 277
    Trigger(by yourself)
    There\'s a lot of twisted shit in this file. The one saving grace is that I repeatedly empower your subconscious to filter the suggestions. That was actually the point making a file with so many bad ideas. I\'m trying to train your mind to filter quietly without having to jolt you from trance just because you hear something you should reject. It\'s an easy guess this won\'t be for everyone, but if you \"get it,\" please offer some feedback. This is after all an experiment...
    This file is really great. The script is amazing, I was distracted enough by the jokes that I didn\'t realize how deep into trance I ended up until I was probably in theta. The concept is very good too. There have been many times when a relatively good files has 1 suggestion in it that ruins it. And using this file to train yourself to just ignore bad suggestions without waking up is a fabulous idea. Also, I guess now we know that slutinmyhead is bald, broad shouldered, and blue eyes ;D I don\'t know if my anus has become karmic or if my subconscious discarded the (let\'s face it) ridiculous suggestion. Although I did notice that whether you do good or bad, it ends up having the same result in the end. So it probably wouldn\'t be very good motivation to have good karma.
    I loved this file. It felt as if he is simply speaking to you, but is quite effectively hyptnotic. I tried repeatidly to listen without going under but found it quite slippery. I can\'t figure out exactly how this works, as there isn\'t an obvious induction. I can\'t wait for more. I have been listening to these files in bed before sleeping and have been having very lucid dreams lately- just an added bonus I guess.
    I was listening while doing other things and did not notice the file was finished. I think i have a good karma as my ass is not itchy yet
    I\'d say your experimental induction was a success - at least for me (and a few others that have commented). I love the idea of my mind being able to quietly filter out suggestions I do not like. I\'ve certainly listened to many files with suggestions that interrupted my trance. I very much enjoyed this. I like the way you strategically placed subtle deepening suggestions throughout the file. I could feel myself relax, a little at a time, slowly and gently, drifting down effortlessly. And then I seem to remember being taken down into a deep trance (I seem to remember something about not going too deep). I remember thinking some of the things I was hearing seemed odd or strange but I do not actually remember any specific suggestions.
    Thank you all for your wonderful feedback!