• Samantha Sucks    
    Trancing and driving is insane, so listen to an erotic mind control story instead. Samantha's popular and Gary eats bugs for money. Sucking his finger at school is social suicide. So why can't Samantha stop? He must have drugged her. She feels like a little baby and Gary wants to give her his milk... Please visit my site at www.slutinmyhead.com. Thanks for listening.

    Rating: ★★★★☆ (7)
    Length: 13:41
    Downloads: 1409
    Please vote on this. The only person to vote so far voted it a 1, which seems harsh to me, but if it truly does suck, I\'d prefer to know so I can remove it. Don\'t want to water down my brand... Thx.
    Well, I haven\'t even listened to it and I don\'t like it. The description sounds unappealing.
    I read it before it was recorded, and I thought it was incredibly hot. Something about it made me uncomfortable, though (perhaps it was being the nerdy girl in high school who found herself doing stupid things), so I haven\'t listened. SlutinmyHead\'s voice and style are great, though, so I bet it\'s good. For those who like humiliation with their submission!
    I just don\'t understand the description. Maybe it\'s because I only recently woke up, but things like, \"why can\'t Samantha stop?\" Stop what? There is no indication that she has done anything prior to that question, except be popular. Is that what she is supposed to stop? Why? And if so, what does that have to do with feeling like a baby? Plus the reference to eating bugs is pretty gross and I don\'t know why it\'s there. If someone can explain this description, that would help.