• Get Lucky    
    There's no rule we can't make New Years resolutions any time we want - even late. This year, let's get lucky. That's what this file does. Suggestions based on Dr. Richard Wiseman's 10-year study on the attributes of lucky people, with other resolutions thrown in. Just nice, well meaning stuff, along with suggestions to make all my files more effective.

    Self Help
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    Length: 43:05
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    There are lots of great preverted and sexy files on this sight and SIMH has given us many of them. This file however is a great tool to work on actually improving ourselves. Much appreciated!
    WOW! Another great file for deep trance. I know I was deeply in trance because the 43 minutes passed quickly. All suggestions I vaguely remember (which were not many) are certainly positive things that would help me. Quite enjoyable and curious to see what comes of using this file. Thanks!
    What a gift! During some parts of this, I was too deep to remember it in great detail, but the suggestions I do remember are inspiring and uplifting. The message is one everyone should take to heart; given the hypnotic component, it\'s one everyone CAN take to heart and work into their lives. Thank you!
    First of all, Thank YOU... what an amazing experience! I don\'t remember much of the content at all. I do remember how deep this got me and how great it felt. I agree with rgn the 43 minutes seemed to pass quickly. I feel so lucky that you posted this file and I was able to listen to it.
    I love this file, I am listening to it all the time. I am very glad you made it. I am going to use it as a starter for me to begin listening to more of your files.
    Time well spent. This file is good to listen to and may even be good for you. It might even make something bigger.
    Wow... I don\'t know exactly where it came from but I\'d forgotten what it was like to have this much energy and enthusiasm for... anything or everything. I\'m practically bouncing off the walls! THANK YOU!
    This file put me incredibly deep and I can\'t actually remember what the suggestions were. Except what I do remember was that this file was sneaky. It paired genuinely good suggestions and habits with suggestions to trust and obey SIMH. The final suggestion I remember was prefaced with \"You\'re accepting this suggestion before I\'ve even told you what it is, you know it is good because I want it for you, so you\'ve already accepted it.\" \n\nA fantastic file.
    interesting file! went deep, remember bits and pieces. really motivated to listen again. thanks slutinmyhead!
    For those of you who are on the fence about listening to this, this is a non-sexual, but very, very worthwhile file. It attempts to make you luckier, but the skills it teaches you apply across the board in your daily life, helping to make you happier, more satisfied, more productive, able to see opportunities clearer, and yes, it may even make you luckier. \nThere are fewer more helpful and interesting files on this site. Thank you, slutinmyhead, for this kind of awesome file.
    A kind, generous file full of affirming suggestions which made me feel good and have bought me to trust SlutinmyHead (being a newbie, I\'m wary of a lot of the files I\'ve heard, but I\'d happily drop into trance and listen to the suggestions in any of this author\'s files).
    Its been 10 minutes since I finished listening, still feeling groggy as he warned in the file. Went very deep without really noticing. Although I can\'t quite remember in detail all the suggestions, I remember the feeling of realization, of discovering a truth that was already there but had been forgotten. I know these suggestions will stick because the file made them seem like they were my own, like their genesis was within me rather than coming from someone outside of me trying to force me to think in a certain way. Top marks again for slutinmyhead, great file, highly recommended.
    I wonder if this would help me win the lottery lool \n
    Thank you. All of your suggestions are for my benefit. It feels good to listen to you, and it will feel really good carrying out your suggestions and making myself the happy and successful person I was meant to be. This is an amazing file that everyone should experience.
    Will have to see how this works out but top marks for making me drop into a deep trance very quickly! The time flew by!!
    This is an extremely well done self-help file that would be beneficial for anyone who chooses to listen. He has an impressive grasp of vocabulary and a seemingly effortless way of delivering his message. There is some really good information, perspective, thoughts that apply to everyone especially for those with very analytical or logical mind. More of these kinds of files would be great! Highly recommended.
    A terrific file, I would recommend this to anyone.