• Early to Obey    
    This file is intended to get you up in the morning, early enough to eat breakfast and exercise. You are instructed to sleep through your alarm clock unless you obey. Yet, set it early enough to obey my instructions and you'll awake each morning energized and motivated. Be confident and assertive by following my instructions. Wake up early enough to obey.

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    Is this a straightforward get up on time file, or does it utilize not sleeping thru the alarm as a way to deepen obedience in all things?
    Seems to be just sleep
    here is the script i pulled using software: This file really requires you to trust me. The suggestions are designed to prime you in different ways even as they at times directly contradict each other. Trust me the whole way through and I will get you out the other side exactly where you want to be. Dot me once I get lost. Trust me totally and it's easy. This file begins by suggesting that you over sleep. Sleep through your alarm clock sleep so deeply you sleep right through your alarm clock. It's easy to sleep through your alarm clock when you're so tired. You really need your rest you need to get more sleep. You sleep so deeply. It's an amazing dream. Dreams like this one back in your mind to burrow deep inside. Burrowing is what it feels like hugging deeply onto your fellow. Burrowing deeper. Stay inside the dream. You have another life in here. Eight calls you deeper into it. It beckons say you borough. Deeper into the stream. Staying more and more inside it. You have another life and it's here. Your real life is here. Real things happened here. Dream in so much detail. Dream of people and places. You do important things. Dream of this place and this person. You want to know where it is. This person. In your dream is important. Go deeper into it. The name of the pay off the northeast corner of the island is bad day lock move a sailboat is tied to a small doctor. Two islanders are watching another island off in the distance. See the smoking volcano. It impresses you even though that island is far away. Everyone casually watches the volcano instead of going to jobs or anything. All anybody's doing today is watching mount Yuji men Kara. See hundreds of tiny islands scattered in the shallow blue water. Take off your shoes and stand in it. The water is very warm. And goes up to your ankles. Go deeper into the water. It's okay you go in your clothes. They'll dry. The water is only as deep as your waist. Your friend walks out into the water and you follow. There is a current gently pulling you. You and your friend lay down in the water. Float on your backs. It alternately gets deeper and shallower as the current polls you. There are so many islands and sand bars. When the tide is out. They're all connected. These tiny islands become one cohesive when Max. You can walk back later if you want. Right now the E. float. When the water gets shallow. Walk gently backwards into deeper water. You can stand anywhere if you wanted. But relax and let the current tug you. It's a beautiful day. Close your eyes and feel the warm light on your face. Let yourself float. Float gently across by day lock move. The water is relaxing. You are so buoyant on the water. It feels good to float. It carries your mind deeper. Let it take you. It feels so good. Let the water decide. Relax and go deeper. My words take you deeper. My voice is the water. Relax on the sound of it. You have another life here. You wash up on the beach of the mainland as the sun slips behind a cloud. Wake up from your nap in your dream. You had such a nice not floating among the islands. Wake up in your dream by burrowing even deeper. Waking in your dream takes your mind down even deeper. Wake up and go deeper. Deeper into the dream. Following the music. Hear music down the beach. Music is an open invitation to all who hear. Listen and walked toward the sound. Hear the music. Walking down the beach. Maybe. To a party. It is deserted when you arrive. The clouds above are dark and verbal. It will rain for a short time then clear out. A town is close. It is called. Lottery asa. And has ghosts. It is getting windy. You pick up a large fluffy tail that was about to blow away. Shake off the sand. Tie one corner to each ankle and hold the top two corners at your sides. The wind blows so hard. Stand into it and feel the tension on the tell. The win lifts you high up into the sky above the storm. Hot air thermals lift you higher and higher. And soon you are way up high. Flying in the air. You can fly anywhere and land safely. And. Oh no the alarm. Remember waking consciousness you overslept. Right through your alarm. As you rush through your morning routine. Member this hypnosis file giving you suggestions. Your oversleeping more and more because of the suggestions. It's becoming harder and harder to wake from your vivid compelling dreams. You still feel so tired after waking. You just want to burrow and go deeper inside. Put on a hypnosis recording and go deeper for my voice. But now you also remember. Another suggestion told you how to counteract this new habit. You have to do exactly what I say. You're willing to try anything by now. Being a punctual professional person is important. You'll do anything I say to make this oversleeping sees. What ever it takes. Remember. I instructed you. Set your alarm earlier. Set it early enough to eat a high protein breakfast and enjoy twenty five minutes of exercise. Set your alarm a half hour to an hour earlier. You need time to eat a healthy breakfast and raise your metabolism. Take a short walk outside or do yoga poses at home. Lift weights. Do crunches or isometric exercises. The activity is entirely up to you. You wake up easily add carefully when you set your alarm early. Do these things every morning Hey give yourself plenty of time. So you don't feel rushed. Wake up early every morning. So you get up easily. Early to bed early to rise you sleep earlier on evenings you wake up early. You just get tired earlier because you got up earlier should go to bed earlier. Recognize feeling tired so now go to bed earlier because you need plenty of rest. Always make sure you get enough sleep. Getting enough rest is an important part of maintaining a stable mood and high energy levels. You get enough sleep. It's a priority you always do it. Get enough sleep because I say you must. It feels good when you do exactly as I say and I say go to sleep and wake up early. If you need a high protein breakfast within a half hour of waking. And at least twenty five minutes of exercise. You feel how this affects you. Your feeling more at peace throughout the day. Be more confident and assertive. Your memory a sharp. Your mind is quick with ideas and motivated to finish tasks. You prioritize and finish tasks automatically and without thinking. Living from one to the next until they're all complete. Do this because I tell you I am doing what I say feels the best. It's easy meeting goals when you wake up early enough to obey. Appreciate my influence and accept everything I tell you. Wake up. Early enough to obey. Eating a healthy high protein breakfast and getting some exercise to get moving. Now on the count of five you will wake up ready to adversely. One. Already imagining blocking out the sound of your alarm. Two it's easy blocking out side sounds when you're burrowing in deep. Three. You have to break the pattern setting your alarm early to avoid waking may dream cycle. For waking and sleeping a little earlier putting your metabolism back in sync. Five awaken refreshed and feeling deep peace all inside you.
    i pulled the script using this website: https://speech-to-text-demo.ng.bluemix.net/ seems to be just sleep