• Deep Trance (Trigger Deepening)    
    This file tests and enhances the effect of the Deep Trance trigger allowing you go into a deep trance effortless. This will allow to enjoy my Experience Series files more effectively without the need of an induction. NOTE! You have to have listened at least one to the Deep Trance files (extended version or no intro version)!rnNOTE: If you rate a file anything less than a 4, can you please PM me or leave a comment so I can improve future file? Thanks.

    Rating: ★★★★☆ (7)
    Length: 13:15
    Downloads: 1158
    Trigger(by anyone)
    I love training with the Deep Trance trigger and making it stronger and stronger. Being under with Ocntrl is pure bliss. Evey single time feels better than the last. What a true master. He was is not kidding when he says it makes going into a deep trance effortless. Genius!