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    This file is designed to make you a cock sucking sissy for the rest of your life. It is perfect to be used in conjunction with the other files in the Little Miss Squidgy series and will help to permanently lock in place all of your sissy desires and behavior. Do make sure this is what you want princess as there will simply be no going back if you listen to this file.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (32)
    Length: 40:01
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    I don\'t normally buy pay files, but your previous files have been so great I couldn\'t pass this one up. You do amazing work Miss J. I am more of a sissy than ever thanks to your files
    Another great file, typical of the high quality writing we\'ve come to expect from MsJ.
    A little too expensive
    Few days ago, after jacking off.. I though “hell with this!” and deleted all my little miss squidgy files and promised myself not to come here... but here i am again, can’t break free… I’m going to buy these new files, knowing those will f*ck me up. I’m just waiting my monthly salary to come.
    Greetings Miss J\r\nYour files are very lovely. Though I\'ve been a submissive sissy for years and earlier in my life been owned by a Mistress I thought I would try Your files and hopefully stay permantly both a sissy and submissive and it works. Now I just hope to be owned again so my life can be what I always wanted it to be. :)\r\nsubmissively regards a big sissy fan
    I deleted all my files too but I\'m back for more, Princess is hungry for pink, smokey control, i obey again\n
    Wow! I love this! MS J literally re-writes your brain to make you accept being a sissy cocksucker for the rest of your life. This file lacks any reference to impotence. If you want that, listen to LIMP. \n\nThis file is about accepting yourself as a sissy, and it installs a brilliant, insidious, extremely common trigger that will constantly remind you of what a little cocksucking sissy princess you are. Listening to the file was really pleasurable, so it\'s sure to be addicting, making these suggestions go deeper and deeper and deeper.\n\nListening to this file wasn\'t so clever. Now you\'re Little Miss Squidgy...FOREVER!\n\n
    hi i want to be a dick sucking diaper sissy and suck the cum out of hard dicks as the dick explods hot cum into my mouth i ejucklate into my diapers and pink plastic pants how nasty or not can somone help me
    Thank You Goddess, you are at the center of this pink princess :-o
    I want this file sooooo bad
    Previous poster wrote this file has no reference to impotence. This is incorrect.
    WOW! I have a number of MsJ\'s files, but last night I tried Limp, followed by Sissy Forever, what a fabulous combination. I listened to both files prior to going to bed as I LOVE the results these files give me before retiring for the evening, prior to listening to Limp and Sissy Forever, my favourites were Sexuality Changer followed by Boy Crazy, the latter two made me SOOOOOOOO horny to find a man and completely submit to his carnal desires, but Limp and Sissy Forever seem to create the same effect, but I feel the results well into the next day, there\'s just a \'feeling\' that the after effects are always there. I\'m sure if I continued with Sexuality Changer and Boy Crazy, they too would eventually have a longer term effect, possibly even a permanent one, but I\'ve only listened to them about 4 times, however, Limp and Sissy Forever have had an immediate and powerful longer lasting effect from day one. In fairness, I\'ve listened to Limp (by itself about 4 times) but when used in conjunction with Sissy, the effect just blew me away - no pun intended - I just LOVE the results. Although I felt aroused while listening to Sissy and thinking of sex with men and sucking their beautiful and gorgeous, succulent hard cocks, when I placed my hand down onto my useless little clit to check out the tingles I was getting, I was soft to semi soft, certainly nothing that would ever allow me to enter a woman - that made me SO happy and I felt such waves of euphoria sweep over me as I realised how soft I was and how I was SO relieved that I would have been unable to \'service\' a female, even if I wanted to - which I don\'t. I felt SO much like a sissy, feminised, limp - and I couldn\'t help smiling to myself, I just felt so unbelievably happy. Thank you to the wonderful Ms Julie, absolutely no one on WMM has created a file that works as effectively - at least for me - while I appreciate that\'s just the results from my own personal experiences, I\'m sure my fellow sissy\'s have probably used other hypno files supplied by other hypnotists which have worked for them too, but for me at least, I\'m MORE than happy to say that Ms Julie is my number one hypnotherapist on this site.
    This was the first sissy file that I had to run away from because the effects were getting too intense and irresistible. You can only postpone the effects at best though, they will catch up with you eventually.
    All I can say is WOW! I've never felt like more of a sissy in my entire life. Any last bits of attraction to women I used to have are totally gone; I can't even think about trying to have sex with a woman anymore. All I want to do is be the prettiest, silliest sissy in the entire world! This is an amazing file. You won't regret your choice to be a sissy permanently!