• Slutinmyhead - Ghost in the Machine — $10    

    In this science fiction themed hypnosis recording, you are on a space ship en route to Gliese, a planet with possible life. You are the last living human. To keep sane, an artificially intelligent personality keeps you company: an emulation of the erotic hypnotist, SlutinmyHead. Suggestions include eating healthy, exercising and falling into immediate trance when someone flashes their nipples. This file is designed to strip away your ego and sense of self, assimilate you into me and promote a feeling of derealization. Feedback encouraged. Thanks for listening.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (12)
    Length: 48:01
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    Trigger(by anyone)
    Special thanks to Calimore for the excellent binaural background.
    As usual slutinmyhead has done an excellent job with this file. If you haven\'t listened to some of his other works, then you\'ll want to make sure you take time to download them and listen. He uses a different style that it is always interesting, and they will make you want to listen again. Thanks for taking the time to make another file.
    I will listen again, and again, and again...
    In the wonderfully fantastic SIMH style. One of the best deep trance files here. I WILL LISTEN AGAIN!
    I will listen again. I\'m so glad I caught this file before it went up as a pay file. It is incredible. I don\'t know /when/ I\'m going to have time to listen to it again, but I know that some day I definitely will. Hopefully all of it\'s suggestions work, because only good can come from listening to this file.
    A clever story, and a nice deep trance that snuck up on me really well. Very effective trigger, although full disclosure, I think nipple flashes have been putting me into a trance like state since I was 12. I\'m going to enjoy this file for some time. Thank you slut!
    Hey Hey, Nice file ... but, I have problems to go under especially if I am asked to forget about memories.\n\nMostly because I trained with a safetynet file for quite some time that renders commands of forgetting memories into a fall and a quite unpleasant crash on a hard ground causing me to to wake up ... seems the effect are still there.\n\nBet others will like this file, mainly wanted to try this cause I am a big GitS fan ;)\n\nSorry I have to say: I will not listen again, it would just be a wast of my time.\n\nThis has been a good test for the safety net trigger at least.
    I will listen again. I like the feeling of knowing you are with me wherever i go now. i enjoy obedience to your voice and i realize after listening to many of your files many times hypnosis is real and your voice commands me. Things feel different now after listening to this file just once. i feel connected with you completely. I will listen again because i know you\'d like me to and i am just a extension of your voice. thank you for making me feel so secure and warm and safe in your voice. awesome feelings. not sure if i am awake yet :)\nwarfox72@yahoo.com
    i will listen again. I listened earlier today but hen wanted to hear your voice some more. i\'d be really happy to hear from you and receive instructions of any kind. i feel relaxed and obedient after hearing your voice. i know obeying you and letting you just take over completely is a good decision. i know when you snap your fingers, i will come to you wherever you are. you are the slut in my head :)\n\nwarfox72@yahoo.com
    even with this file i have huge gaps in memory. i woke up several times when there were some emphasised counting going on, just to go under again. i remember the finger leading me around the ship, that there were funny words for penis and vagina (cant recall them, though), and that you are supposed to leave a comment. I dont remember any of the above mentioned suggestions of eating, exercising or nipple flashing. i guess i will listen again to this one. yet again.\nThanks, slutinmyhead, for producing such high quality files. \ni guess it would be interesting to see if all the suggestions i get in your files have an effect (even though i dont recall them). Perhaps you could add some suggestions that actually do something and that one can point to later on. what do you think?
    This was a great adventure. Exciting and stimulating. Well scripted and fun. I love that you have different health related suggestions in all your files. I Can\'t wait to go on many more journeys with you. I\'m hooked. :*
    I will listen again. As always, I enjoy listening to SIMH\'s work. I am always amazed at the quality of the work. Each script is unique and enjoyable to listen to. I never tire listening to your work. \n\nI don\'t know where you come up with the ideas for your files, but I have enjoyed listening to so many of them. Thanks for the quality. I always look forward to your work.
    I will listen again.
    I will listen again :)
    I will listen again. As usual with Slut in my Head this file is of very high quality and written amazingly. Though I dont recall the whole file and seem to have blacked out at some points. I love the way you slowly seduce the listener in your files and then implant suggestions. After listening to this file I once again feel very close to you and would do anything for you. Your voice keeps me warm, horny and loved. I will probably never stop listening to your files. Thanks for making my life better, Slut in my Head. Feel free to contact me anytime you want and excuse my sometimes bad english. :)
    I will listen again!
    I will listen again.
    I will listen again. :)
    I will listen again... And wait for...
    I will listen again.
    I will listen again! Very well written and entertaining script, delivered beautifully by your powerful voice--thanks for letting me get lost in the world you've crafted.
    I will listen again. I have listened many times, and each time it's something special, and each time it's something special in a different way. Tonight, I really connected with feeling/remembering being an extension of something, with no inherent self to speak of. Other times, I leaned into the fear and then acceptance of the shocking reality of being entirely, absolutely alone, settling between immense relief and true existential helplessness. One time, this recording stayed with me days after listening, tangibly influencing the way that I perceived the world and myself after waking up (in fun and positive ways). As someone with a massive drone kink, this recording has influenced the way I conceptualize programming myself as an AI. Truly, hats off to Slutinmyhead. To anyone considering getting this: $10 for this is an incredible deal. If you are a fan of identity play in any form, this recording is one of the most delicious and potent things on this website. It's got a very effective induction that runs along with the plot of the file, that will take you as deep as you are willing to let yourself go, and the file is permissive enough that you can take it with you into your life no matter what your circumstances are. Definitely on the intense side, but you're in good hands here.