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    This beautiful recording is Heartwould's rendition of my Cock Fixation script. Let her pleasing voice soothe you into accepting these exciting suggestions so you crave cock, crave facials - the invigorating feeling of semen on your skin, and learn to identify as a cocksucker. Simply having a hard cock in your vicinity is mesmerizing. Develop such a deep appreciation for dick upon listening to this file. Your mouth will water. As always, feedback tells us you like what we produce and want more. Lack of indicates we better stick to our day jobs. I hope you enjoy becoming cock crazed. www.slutinmyhead.com

    Rating: ★★★★★ (16)
    Length: 18:53
    Downloads: 1101
    Sticking to the day job it is then...
    I was just too busy still listening to your original recording; you both have great voices and abilities.\nLove the file and theme...it works -quite- well :)
    Very nice file, great team, please continue to work together!
    Thanks for writing... I get so frustrated sometimes... A little acknowledgement goes a long way...
    I could not imagine a more pleasurable recording. There\'s now an ache and longing for files like Love Potion Cock, Submissive Gay Slave, Your Cum Belongs to Me, Give Her Away, Man Crush, Programmable Bottom, and Gay Porn Default, to be rendered this way. Yes this is a wish list! And if there are other files the two of you collaborate on in the same was as Cock Fixation, I\'ll want those too! And now with a sigh, if only all erotic files about, cock, cum and being gay could be written by slutinmyhead and recorded by Heartwould. That is a world in which I truly wish to belong and lost in ... forever!
    Great file! Seems to be working a treat
    I love your files, poor college student so cant always afford the premiums, but love what I hear. Totally changing me.
    Love the collaboration between the two of you. This file is wonderful and I enjoy listening to it on my trek home. The voice, words and recording are excellent!
    I really wish I could afford this file - I love your other files, especially the collaborations with Heartwould, and the reviews on this make it look like it\'s worth the money. I\'ll try to set some money aside for this file (or maybe wait until it goes on sale?).
    Very very compelling file. Heartwood\'s voice is perfect - the material is well written and I think cocks are on my mind.