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    This is a different version of Slave to Pussy recorded by Heartwould. The other version had binaurals and a background track. This one has neither, but utilizes a slower, more deliberate pacing. I\'ve also added a track of me repeating the parts you\'re supposed to be repeating in your mind. The male and female voices together strike a nice balance. This version feels (to me, anyway) like a deeper trance, whereas the other version felt like my mind was overwhelmed, allowing suggestions to slip in. Both have their benefits. If you\'ve listened to both, please reply in the comments section with which you preferred. These comments will affect the direction of future files. For more goodies, check out www.slutinmyhead.com or gayhypnosis.com. 

    Rating: ★★★★★ (3)
    Length: 1:00:36
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