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    This recording enhances your appreciation of doggy style. Get hot thinking about it, getting it, showing off your ass so men want you... Feel confident and flirty. You get wet so easily now. It seems as if you are constantly dripping from between your legs. It empowers you when men check out your ass, and when you have one inside you, to bond with him over a couple of orgasms. The bond is the best part. You feel so close to a man who orgasms fucking you doggy. This script is based on the same outline as Fucking A, intended for gay men and available at gayhypnosis.com. Feedback appreciated, either here, under Success Stories in the forums, by private message or at slutinmyhead.com. Thanks for trusting me in your head.

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    To clarify, this is the version for straight women. Fucking Doggy. The version for gay men is another file entirely, titled Fucking A, and is exclusively available at gayhypnosis.com. They are similar, but also very different. I recommend the version most appropriate for you.