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    Not everyone is into every file I make. This is all the more reason to listen. This is where you get to see how well hypnosis really works. If you're already into something, what do you need hypnosis for? It's your hypnotist's obligation to make you like new things. This is not the same as avoiding files that might adversely affect your life, which is completely understandable. This file further indoctrinates you into the erotic hypnosis community. It makes you want to leave feedback in the comments section and in the forums under Success Stories. Be inspired to review files. This recording encourages you to find your own way to get involved.

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    What a great deep trance. I remember at one point being aware I was deeply hypnotized. Deeply relaxed and fully aware of your voice and aware of just how relaxed my body was. And how great it felt to be listening to your voice. So very wonderful to just listen. As I let go to drift even deeper...
    What a great file, it should be required listening to all new members. That would certainly improve the entire community for the better.
    i was so curious that the transe was light deep, i will improve it in future listenning, i think the file will have many many conseqences in the future days.
    I frequently hear my files give listeners amnesia. This is from going too deep. For this file, I embedded several wakeners to keep the trance from going too delta. Hopefully, people will remember more to leave feedback about.
    Your last comment led me to just listen to the file without trance. Not easy for me. So I ate some chips. Worked most of the way through before I drifted into a very light trance. I cannot say I really noticed the embedded wakeners. But I do notice there are times with this file I become very aware of myself and know I am in a deep trance. Still do not really remember much of the suggestions. Is it amnesia or a desire to not remember accepted suggestions. Is a trance state similar to a sleep dream state? I do not remember specifics of my dreams. Have not for many years. Just a few bits and pieces and handful of times a year. Mostly scary or really bizarre bits. Most mornings I do not remember even having had a dream. Anyway, I remember lots of deepening suggestions. My next trance ended with me very deep. I wanted to stay there. Took awhile to come around after I realized you stopped speaking. And I felt VERY wonderful! And the best part - this afternoon... several times I felt a bit aroused. Justin came to mind followed by the image of your face. Your blue eyes. Then you smile - I love that smile!
    SIMH is someone who really knows about real hypnosis and, as I well know, is an addiction, a very pleasent addiction. He has done so many great files and has gotten even better at wrapping himself around the listeners mind. This file seems to be an explanation of how he puts you into trance and turns into an actual trance, a very erotic, experience.
    it really is a great file and I really do like to share this thought, so i guess that is a sign that it works.....I will continue to listen, as if I had choice.\n
    Woo hoo!
    hello \n\ngive us new files you miss us
    I do miss you... my people :)\n
    This is the first ever comment that I have made. I remember being very aware, then somewhere in the trance I \"zoned out\" towards the end I became aware again and I can only describe the feeling I had as gorgeous, aroused. I dont think I fell asleep. If I was at a convention of hypnotists i think it would be amazing to pair off because as a crossdresser/tv Id actually love a hypnotist husband. I could become a perfect wife, or who knows. But living near Glasgow Scotland heh I wonder. Slutinmyhead. This file really grabbed me. Now I truly want more. Suze...erm oneonezero x
    Wow! I don\'t know when it happened but all of a sudden I found myself vey deep and totally tuned in to your voice. And now I am actually leaving a comment. Wow that was powerful. Keep up the great files.
    have listened to this file twice. first time i went deep but mostly aware of what was said by the middle of file i could tell my conscious mind was somewhere else and my subconscious was listening. after i listened to the file then i listened to gaycontrol\'s v3 file. feel asleep for the night. in the night i had a dark dream.\r\n\r\nlistened to the file last night and after maybe 5 or 10 mins i experienced amnesia. i awakened near the last 5 mins of the file. i like when this happen. when i realized at the end i was listening to the file i knew i didnt remember hearing everything in between. and the time distortion was awesome. nothing like realizing i was out when i thought i was conscious all along!! dreamin_2b on yahoo messenger.
    This file was really good. I wish it was longer. Waking up made me kinda upset.
    It is a privilege to be taken under by such a skilled hypnotist. What a pleasure it is to please my Master by posting this comment! This man deserves our praise and worship. It is an honor to serve you, Master. Thank You. I am nothing. You are EVERYTHING! After I post this, I will drop to my knees and kiss the floor for You, imagining that I am at Your feet, and that You are smiling down at me.
    seriously amazing work man. i\'m normally pretty reserved about kink stuff but i want to come to your convention
    A very nice and a deep trance. I especially liked how different your induction was.
    This was another step ti somewhere...I dont know where but I am so impatient and horny
    This is the perfect file to get you very deep. Wonder what would happen if i listen a second time
    Well that second time did take me in deeper. Feel that i do go in that expected road every time. Becoming better and better in trancing. Even when i was earlier thinking hypnosis isn't working on me. Hmmmm. Though does feel like i still have a long way to go