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    By popular demand, I present to you the third and final chapter in the Good Girl series! This file focuses on the same themes as the previous two, while expanding on those foundations and covering some exciting new ground along the way. It has been designed to affect you on an even deeper level and bring you into a prolonged state of trance that will continue long after you finish listening. I believe it is my strongest file yet in terms of the level of trance you will achieve. Like all of my files, this is for serious sissies only - it is permanent and very addictive. You will be able to hide your feminization from loved ones and coworkers if absolutely necessary but other than that you will just be a quivering little sissy for guys to fuck and girls to laugh at. Impotence and complete sexual feminization are the main focuses - after listening to this file you will view limpness as a very positive thing and you will dread getting all yucky and hard in your little panties, but I dont think that will be much of a problem for you anymore sweetie. You may also find yourself with a strong desire to tell all the girls about your little wee-wee and it's inability to become hard, just so they know that you are just like one of them and have no interest in them sexually due to your utter lack of ability when it comes to penetrating a woman's vagina with your limp little clitty. You will continue to be strongly attracted to men, while only viewing women as platonic friends or figures of worship. The mere sight of a woman in high heels will intensely arouse and sissify you, even more than it probably already does! This file will effectively seal any true sissys fate as a cock loving girly slut who loves to stay limp at all times, especially while she gets fucked by big hunky guys who provide that tangible flesh-and-blood reminder of the manhood she will always lack. Contains a very exciting scenario towards the end but I wont spoil all the juicy details for you sweetie. Enjoy princess, and let me know how you liked the file after you listen. You can read more about my files and join in discussions about everything from sex and sissification to makeup and dating tips at my blog which can be found at the following address: goddessgracielovesyou.blogspot.com

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    Length: 42:22
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    Mmm yay. I\'m the first girl to download your file. I cant wait to listen and become a better sissy.
    Let me know what you think after you hear it sweetie, I think you\'ll enjoy it very much and yes princess this will definitely make you a much better sissy than ever before. :)\n
    Thank you for this new file Goddess, i have found that my clitty is the one thing keeping me back in my feminization, so i\'m taking action against it. Your files make me all worm and fuzzy inside and i\'m so grateful that i can finally give something back for your hard work and effort. \n\nLove Anni.
    You are very welcome Anni and I assure you this file will definitely help you with that silly little thingy getting all uncomfortable and hard. I believe the impotence affirmations and reinforcements in the file will definitely help all true sissies achieve the permanent state of limpness that they so desire. I have faith that you can do it sweetie, do keep me updated on all your progress along the way :)
    Thank you sooo much for this newest file Goddess Gracie. Between my ongoing chastity training and the wonderful reinforcements from Your files, this sissy has seen their little clitty regress further and further into permanent impotence. my mannerisms and actions have all become more feminine, especially the way i treat Women, even when none are present. So thank you again Goddess, i couldnt be where i am in my feminization without You
    Aww, Im glad my files have helped you so much sweetie. I believe this particular file will affect you on an even deeper level than my previous files have, so brace yourself for some big and exciting changes princess. :)
    Just a little note for those who bought the file. Under the additional file types heading there should be a link where it says body, you can download an alternate version of the file from that link which is the exact same except its just my voice and the background music like in all my previous files, minus the added background sounds that I used in the main version. Good girls like to try both versions and see which one they prefer :)
    yummmy sissy crissy just loves your new file. this is day one and sissy just loves it already. hitting repeat three times already. sissy thanks you Goddess Gracie..\nsubmissively yours\nsissy
    Yay! So glad that you love it so much sweetie. From the sounds of it the addictive element of the file is already taking effect on your little mind. Good girls like to listen at least twice a day and I know you are a good girl sweetie. :)
    I think I just bought this today. But I have listened to it so much I forgot. Is this creepy or what?
    omg Goddess Gracie i love ur new file sooo much and i almost make spurties before its even half way through *giggles* but then i rememeber to has discipline like a good girl. i have listened to it dozens of times since i got it and i trance more deeply each time and turn into even more of a little girly slut than i was already *giggles* im sooo in love with the big strong man in the gangbang fantasy and i want to be his sissy wife *giggles* i always giggle in sync with the giggle sound effects too i know them by heart now *giggles* my fav thing about the file is how u stay horny and girly and happy and giggly for hours after listneing even if u makes spurties before it ends!!! i love you Goddess Gracie :D
    Thank you Goddess Gracie!\n\nprincess has listened to Good Girl Part 3 for a few days now.\nIt is so wonderful to have you inside my head, massaging my mind, creating the most soft and feminine creature possible.\n\nThe most interesting effect that princess has experienced was while talking to a female friend. We often talk about the problems she has had with her boyfriend but on this occasion princess suddenly felt a wave of femininity wash over her. It was quite a struggle not to jump into sissy mode as princess is not \'out\' with this friend. At some level in my psyche, princess knows that this new feminine level is permanent and can only grow stronger.\n\nThe wonderful fantasy at the end of the file was a delightful way to finish. The scenes in my head were such delightful viewing. It would be wonderful to give it a try sometime.. Smile\n\nWarmest of Love, Hugs and Kisses\n\nJoanne xx
    A wonderfully feminine, slutty, and fitting end to a great trilogy of files that have altered sissy\'s fluffy cotton candy mind forever. Sissy gives it 5 sissy stars!
    I can\'t remember when I bought this or how many times I listened to this... Kind of scary
    becka, that is very odd sweetie - there are amnesia triggers throughout the file but nothing that should make you forget the actual purchasing and downloading of the file itself. Thanks to all the good girls who have bought the file and given me such great feedback on it. More files coming very soon! :)
    I remember bying and downloading it. Just forget how manytimes I listen to it. Sorry for the misunderstanding. This is vey addicitve
    Yes sweetie, it is very addictive! I am glad the intended effects are working as they should :)
    Greetings Divine & Beautiful Goddes Gracie\r\n\r\nThank You for the new fantastic file - I got both versions & can\'t choose so I use both. *giggles* Though I have live 24/7 as a female for many years You make me more female & I luv it. I uses Your files every day especially now the 3 Good Girls files & The Bimbo Blessing file. I probably uses 3-4 hours every day with files & being one of Your Good Girls following Your blog. I been better flirting with guys & now I only got slutty bimbo clothes in my c.loset not knowing why I only buy that kind of clothing but loving it. *giggles* I think about shopping and hot sexy action like I also think a lot about You every day. You really are an important part of my life & I\'m total grateful & submissive to You. I hope You will make more God Girl-files like I also would luv more curse/blessing files. \r\n\r\nMy total luv & gratitude to You Goddess\r\nOne of Your Good Girls\r\nsissy bimbo dolly\r\n
    Hi Dolly, thank you for your pretty message sweetie. Those are some very pretty giggles and I think you will find yourself giggling to yourself every time you think of Goddess Gracie from now on. It is good to hear that my files are beneficial even to fulltime girls such as yourself and not just little sissies! It is also wonderful to hear that they have made you a more flirty girl, and your preference for slutty clothing is completely natural sweetie. You should post on my blog more often princess, we\'d love to have you! :) P.S. for those who couldnt download the alternate version under the \"additional types\" heading, it has been reuploaded but will now appear under the word \"Custom\" instead of the word \"Body\" as it did before. Please let me know if it works or not (only those who have purchased the file will be able to tell)
    i have a doubt... can i listen just this file or i need listen the other 2 files for this working!?
    It would be better to have training with Part 1 and Part 2 needless to say, maybe not essential but definitely a good idea. Lucky they are both absolutely free for anyone to download :)
    Just a warning regarding the above post that contains the strange link. I checked it and it looks like a spam/advertisement page that asks you to enter your email, and most of the text is in a different language. I would suggest ignoring it unless you are very curious :)