• Tentacle Rape Fantasy (Male Voiced + Tentacle Rape — $25    
    This file contains forced cum drinking, bukkake, bondage, torn clothes, gagging, multiple orgasms, forced oral, anal, rape and TENTACLES! Tentacle rape has been my thing on this site for a long time now, with over 4400 downloads total across my tentacle files. My number of different files perhaps makes me the leader in audio-based tentacle erotica (That’s a title to write home about!) The problem with the tentacle files is that while they are great, they are very hard for some people and I hear not everyone can make the triggers work. I made this file to change that. If you can’t make tentacle trigger files work for you, give this a try, and if you can, enjoy the most graphic tentacle file ever made. This is a fantasy file, not a trigger file, meaning it’s easier to use than a trigger file. It walks you through a fantasy of being a young girl being raped by a tentacle monster. The creature brings you to several orgasms before letting you go and uses your ass, pussy and mouth, all while holding you helpless in its grasp. It cums all over you and inside of you and leaves you completely spent and exhausted, a complete, well fucked, cum-covered mess. This is by far the most graphic tentacle file I have made (and to the best of my knowledge, that has ever been made). Prepare to be used like a toy, bukkaked and worn out, all through very graphic description. But that’s not all. Under Subliminal you will find a Loop File intended to be set to play as many times as you want after the full file. This essentially lets you make the file run as long as you want, from half an hour to as long as you can take. This is the male voiced version of the file. A female voiced version is also available. The male TTS voice used is frighteningly realistic; it’s the same one I used for my last file and it got very good feedback so I am using him again. This is the Tentacle Rape Fantasy file with a high quality tentacle rape sound effect background, made up of sexy Japanese girls moaning and gagging, and tentacle sound effects. Very fun, very sexy. It took some effort, but I think you will agree it was worth it. Visit my patreon at Twist Hypnosis ( https://www.patreon.com/TwistHypnosis ) to request custom files, and more!   

    Rating: ★★★★★ (1)
    Length: 14:49
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