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    What begins as a neuroscience lecture on the bicameral mind soon becomes me taking control of your mind just because I can. For anyone studying my inductions, take note of the priming. That was the mechanism I relied on most this session. The result - hopefully - acts as a sort of biofeedback you can use to go continuously deeper and let someone else overpower your mind. Here you will feel the purity of singlemindness of purpose - submitting to my control over you. Feels good... www.slutinmyhead.com

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    Quite an interesting trance experience. My mind completely focused on your voice. The deeper I drifted in trance, the more focused my mind became and the more pleasure I felt in my body. Feels good? No Mr. Sir, it feels AMAZING! Thank you!
    fantastic file! would love to see some sequels that would continue this experience Mr. Sir
    Listened to this in the middle of the night Friday. Woke up & I couldn\'t think of anything but SMH. So aroused.
    My baby brother has been trying to help me with the business end of this and just about choked on his protein shake when he saw I neglected to post a link to gayhypnosis.com in the description. So please check out the site. Plenty of content there not available anywhere else... Thx... xoxo
    Another amazing file! Felt even longer than it apparently really was! I really loved it. Although Mr. Sir, it may be a good idea to mention in the description that there are minor findom aspects in the file.
    Oops... Didn\'t even remember... I\'m guessing a lot of my files probably have minor elements of that, though it isn\'t really meant to be towards me. Maybe it\'s the influence of so many other hypnotist\'s files I listen to... Per evolutionary psychology, we evolved trading food and favors for sexual gratification, and in relationships, our earliest investments are often financial... But truthfully, I\'m not really looking for anything from anybody (other than feedback - which I need, and the occasional file purchase, when it\'s something that interests you). I\'ve often debated about posting a wish list like many of the female hypnotists out there, and I may get around to that at some point, but the goal here - whether it\'s making you bond, increasing submissive desires, etc - is really for you to be able to use transference to project these feelings and intentions onto someone you\'re in relationship with, currently or in the future. Thanks for pointing that out tho ;)
    This file took me soooo deep! It continues to take me deeper and more under your control. The trance was so thick i could hardly bare it. Love it! And you! Chant simH simH simH i love that simH. :)
    seriously, this file changed my whole perspective on hypnosis. i learned a lot, thanks
    This is absolutely fantastic work. I am someone who goes into trance fairly easily, but I've often had trouble getting suggestions to "stick" to my brain. This is the file that helped me level up a bit and create deeper, more well-integrated experiences with hypnosis, and for that I couldn't be more grateful. Mr. Sir's recordings are often quite cerebral, and this really gets into the specific cognitive processes that make up the idea of "singleminded obedience". Despite the fact that the content can reasonably be applicable to anyone, it also felt like it was customized to me personally, making me feel seen and understood. The resulting experience isn't quite subspace or the blank, blissed-out trance that many of the files on this site go for. The way that I experienced this recording was simply as an interesting, well-reasoned argument from someone I respected and trusted. However, the results are self-evident, and when I find myself thinking about or acting on the ideas presented in this trance I interpret them as important, sensible ideas that originated with me, even though I know I probably would not have acted this way prior to listening to this. Every once in a while I will listen again, and the file never becomes stale - instead, it builds upon itself, creating a more satisfying and subtle experienc
    *experience each time.