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    Learn about the social hierarchy, then the hierarchy of submission, then feel what happens when I split your psyche into two parts. Everyone has dominant and submissive sides to themselves. Your dominant side identifies with me and my needs, wants and desires. Your submissive side is just a little bitch for us to gang up on. Let me help you into a submissive frame of mind. You may even learn a bit about yourself in the process. Feedback mandatory. For more www.gayhypnosis.com or www.slutinmyhead.com.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (3)
    Length: 44:23
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    I was hoping there would be a male version of Social Dominance coming soon! I am really enjoying this file. Its hard to describe the effect, but I do have thoughts of boy from time to time. And Master as well. The arousal boost throughout the day is great. Especially when I have some idle time and think of Master and boy. The binaural version has a few extra suggestions thrown in on a separate track (not really subliminal, however I do not make out all the words since I become so fixated on SimH\'s voice on the main track). Thanks for another interesting file!
    amazing file - felt both like his alpha & his servant - helps I listened to Hear My Name before this too.
    In order to be the best partner, you need to get into their mind. Understand what they're thinking. Their motivations, their desires, the sensations they feel in that moment. That way you can give them the best experience. This track does that - by having you dom yourself. It guides you back and forth between the two minds of dom and sub, so you can feel the power of domming, while also loving the energy of subbing for your master. Providing amazing pleasure, and feeling the ecstasy it brings to your partner. It instructs you to experiment and play and find new ways to satisfy your master, so that your love can grow strongly and powerfully, and reach peak after peak. What you get by listening is the HOTTEST adventure that takes you into new experiences and ideas. It will certainly transform you for the rest of your life.