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    I know you love sucking cock sweetie and this file is going to intensify that craving tenfold. It will become more of an obsession than ever for you to find big hard cocks to please with your slutty mouth - the ultimate goal being to become the perfect little cocksucker for all the guys. Whether you're an experienced sissy slut or you've never sucked a cock before (unlikely if you're a regular listener!) this file will instill a need within you to become the best cocksucker in the world, and as you know sweetie, practice makes perfect. You will think about cock as much as real men think about fucking tight little pussies, perhaps even more so. You'll practise with dildos princess but eventually you'll need to start sucking real cock on a regular basis and if you're already doing that then you'll soon be doing it far more frequently than ever before. With dedication and persistence, your cocksucking skills will develop greatly over time until you're able to deep throat a dozen guys and still have energy to take their cocks in your pussy after. You won't care about looks princess - the only thing that will matter is that the guy has a reasonable sized cock. Women and sissies share a natural preference for large penises and anything under the bare minimum of 6 inches is simply unacceptable. You will be a sissy sizequeen sweetie and you will understand that bigger cocks are simply better. Listen on repeat for at least 30-60 minutes at a time sweetie and remember that daily training will yield the best results :)

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