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    This file is for those special sissies who like to refer to their big hunky man as 'Daddy'. It will condition you to always behave like a good girl for your Daddy and be perfectly obedient for him at all times. It will increase your natural attraction to older guys and you will have all sorts of adorable fantasies about cuddles and kisses with your special Daddy. You will be encouraged to flirt and giggle around older men as much as possible and you will use your sissy intuition to work out which guys are more likely to enjoy being called Daddy by their little sissy bitch (of course it's not something that all guys will necessarily be into, so try to use your best judgment sweetie). Being around older men will make you feel so innocent and feminine and just like a silly little girl. You will learn that sissies cannot think for themselves and you need your Daddy to think for you. As with all my training loops, it is designed to be listened to on repeat for an extended period of time and daily listening is recommended. Enjoy sweetie and let me know all your fluffy little thoughts after you listen.

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    Length: 06:05
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    Oooh! Thank you, Goddess Gracie! My Daddy just bought this for me!
    Yay Kimmy! I hope you\'ve been training with it every day like a good girl :) Goddess Gracie xx