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    The purpose of this recording is to accomplish three things. First, to make suggestions work on you from the very first time you listen. Second, to enable you to notice your progress rather than explain it away to resolve the cognitive dissonance. Last, that any suggestions you hear to bond with any one hypnotist be something you can project freely onto another and even onto your real life romantic partner. The induction will be interesting to those curious about other methods of mind control outside hypnosis. www.slutinmyhead.com

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    Well, this could be useful!
    Excellent file. Only one suggestion. Would have been great to have the trance left open ended to allow this at beginning of a play list.
    Thank you. I will test on my friend today. He want to test if it\'s work or not.
    Nothing like realizing after posting that I totally forgot to include some references to rhetoric... Oops...
    Love the script. Time will tell how effective it is, but on a first listen I loved it. Great humor, too.
    Certainly took me deep enough. A file I listened to after had noticeably more effect than usual. Seems pretty good to me.
    What an innovative and interesting file. Oddly aggressive at first and much more in the tone of a bdsm dom than hypnotists normally take. Really interesting ideas in it too. As usual, I feel like I\'ve learned and developed my understanding of psychological concepts all while getting sexual enjoyment. The stuff about bonding with archetypes was especially super interesting. I loved how there was a good balance of strong submission elements with safety and empowerment. What a good file. Those PUAs are scumbags though, using mind control techniques on non-consenting individuals is super skeezy. I was very pleased by your mention of enthusiastic consent.
    I got into the PUA community when I was painfully shy (early teens). There was a time, I\'d get nervous even talking to waitresses... It helped me a lot understanding how women think, breaking down the social dynamics... After about a year, I was comfortable talking to anyone... I remember the mantra, \"The first 200 rejections don\'t count.\" I met a lot of guys in the community just like me - shy guys looking for some kind of edge to improve their confidence. Most of us dropped out of the community once we got girlfriends... I\'d estimate only about 1 in 10 guys was a true sleazeball, easily identified by trying to charge people for what the rest of us were sharing.
    The thing I enjoy most about this file is the ability to project my bond for different hypnotists freely to anyone. This has had quite an impact on my fantasies. I have noticed I can even apply suggestions from different hypnotists to any or all of these hypnotists. Expanding my submissive feelings to some since all the submissive suggestions can be applied automatically without my conscious thought. Pretty cool!
    I was just listening and not intending on going under, then BAM! deep in trance. well done slutinmyhead
    I enjoyed the file. It took hold strongly first and second time. Actually, the first time I heard it, I fell asleep listening to a list and woke up to this file unable to move... that was interesting. Second time, wow. Can\'t wait for the third.
    A lovely and very interesting file, as always. The induction was very interesting - I actually stopped the file a couple of times just to start to Google what you were talking about. Despite this, it took me quite deep. I hope to listen to it again soon, and hopefully start to realize some of the changes you mentioned. :) Great work!
    This recording is my ticket to more prosperous hypnosis.\n\nAll the suggestions made so much sense, I understand hypnosis now, and feel like I\'m ready to kick it up to 11!\n\nThanks you, sincerely and truthfully, thank you
    I can\'t believe I haven\'t commented yet. This file is wonderful! It\'s my intro file because I can shift around and get comfortable at the beginning without missing any of the trance-y goodness. I\'ve noticed several of the changes mentioned. Keep up the fantastic work!
    This file took me so deep it was crazy.
    Thank you. I went so deep. I was also very educative.
    I wasn\'t really feeling it, and then you said \"Sleep Now\" and I instantly fell - it was amazing.
    This file is brilliant! It has helped me so much, and the suggestion of imprinting on a hypnotist archetype which I can transfer on to my partner is GENIUS! I love it so much, thank you!
    This was so great; my favorite thing was when you talked about archetypes and just overall how much I learned from this was so cool. I've never felt this oddly happy and comforted after listening to a file either?? Thank you so much. And the part about enthusiastic consent was nice too :) I think your voice is my new favorite ☆
    This is a fun file to listen to--SIMH's voice is great, and here it begins with a covert induction, guiding you down gradually with a conversational description of different hypnosis techniques. The result is interesting, informative, and even a bit sexy. This is one of SIMH's files meant to allow you to relax deeper into hypnosis as a lifestyle, and I really appreciate how emboldened I feel to seek out hypnosis and hypnotic relationships after listening. This one's meant to make you more susceptible to trance than ever. Thanks for sharing this!