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    This file was a special request by one of my little followers. It was made especially for sissies with itsy bitsy little clitties. It will be most effective on sissies who are underendowed to begin with, but sissies with more regular sized clitties (contrary to popular belief, they do exist!) can also achieve significant shrinkage with repeated listens and dedication to their goal. I also touch upon topics like real men and how their large erect penises differ so drastically from the silly little clitties of true sissies, how women view sissies with tiny useless little thingies down there (yes sweetie, we know about it the second we look at you), and how its nice for a sissy to just accept that her clitty is completely useless without any hesitation. It is also noted that the daily wearing of panties is essential for any sissy who wants to achieve significant shrinkage over the course of the next few months. This file will work very nicely paired with my other training loops including Limp Clitty, Panties & Feminine Habits. I also strongly recommend pairing it with the recently released Limp Clitty Remix released and The Logic of Limp, respectively. Remember that you are to listen on repeat for an extended period of time to feel the strongest effects. Be sure to keep me updated on all your progress sweetie :)

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    I can\'t believe I\'m the first to comment on this file; it\'s amazing. I overlooked it too because it\'s a training loop but I think it\'s one of my favorite files by Goddess Gracie. If you are into humiliation and submission then I\'m sure you will love it as much as I did. I downloaded it with Panties and Feminine Habits which were all great together.
    (That\'s; \'Training Loop#7 Panties!\')
    Glad you enjoyed it so much sweetie :)