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    This file is a bit more interactive in it's nature... it's an idea i'm playing with for quite a while... i will bring you down, give you a few triggers to make the playtime more interesting and then i will bring you a little bit back up so i can play with you... you will be my little toy.. I toy with your mind, i toy with your body and with especially with your pleasure... This file is intended to give you a submissive playing experience on your own and in a save environment... it has no lasting effects and i undo everything after the "playtime"... all that last's is the subspace afterglow...and of course the memory of the experience itself! This file is not a "slave training" file, it's giving you the submissive experience without any lasting effects! It's completely gender neutral... (and contains no sexual interaction though you're guided to masturbate) Make sure you have an hour of privacy when you listen to this... Use headphones!

    Rating: ★★★★★ (14)
    Length: 56:33
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    Sounds fun! Can\'t wait til it comes off premium.
    I fucking love this file!!!
    I honestly did not expect this to work, but i found myself more submissive then i\'ve ever been!
    Honestly, I heared the file one time two days ago. I woke up immediately when you told the trigger to be as aroused as I were when i had sex and wanted to cum. Without touching myself I became aroused withhin seconds and ejaculated right away. This woke me up so that I did not finish the whole file but it was really intense. Could it be, that the subliminals do also include the suggestions to be very aroused? As I remeber that I felt waves of tingeling sensation , getting more intense the longe i listend to the file.
    Listening to this file in a chastity cage was torture. In a good way.