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    The main purpose of this file is to help little sissy princesses to prepare for hot dates with big strong men. Yes sweetie, this file can be listened to on the day of a pre-arranged hookup with a hunky guy to help your little mind remember all the correct ways for a good girl to behave. It is also perfectly fine for the more timid sissies to listen to the file over an extended period of time until they are mentally and physically prepared for pleasing men in their everyday life with their cute little bodies. Though the primary objective is to help a sissy forget all about silly irrational worries or insecurities before a big date, it can also be listened to by sissy virgins who need that extra little push in the right direction to help get them pleasing men outside of the fantasy realm where their fluffy little feelings about cock and cuddles may have been confined to up to this point. You will learn exactly why it is much better for sissies to hook up with straight men who love to fuck pretty girls rather than gay guys who like men. You will only hookup with guys who love little princesses like you sweetie and you will be clear that you like masculine guys with big cocks best. It will be left entirely up to you whether you want to try and get hit on at a cheap trashy bar dressed up all pretty, or if you'd prefer to go the online route and arrange a hookup on a dating site where men go to look for slutty girls. I will walk you through some basic outfit suggestions along with makeup tips, jewelry ideas and everything a good girl needs to truly sparkle to her fullest capability. Your confidence in your sissy sexuality will be strengthened greatly sweetie and you will become more and more self-assured in your ability to please men with your giggly little mouth and tight pink pussy. I care about my sissies sweetie so I've even taken the time to talk a little about some basic safety precautions if you choose to go the online dating route. I've used the word date a couple of times here princess but it's important to clarify what I mean. I am not referring to a traditional wine and dine type of date, though perhaps this is something that can be a nice fantasy for you until you meet a nice boyfriend or marry a dreamy hubby to look after you and treat you like a princess. For now, it is important to distinguish that the word date strictly means you pleasing a man with your mouth and pussy and that is all. He should not feel obligated to bring you flowers or be at all chivalrous with you sweetie, in fact it is you who is expected to show your big strong man a great deal of gratitude for allowing you the privilege of pleasing him. After all princess, he is a big strong man and he fucks pretty girls all the time. It is an honor for a little sissy princess to get the chance to please such a hunky masculine guy like that, and hearing him compliment you on how pretty you look will just be so wonderfully affirming of your femininity sweetie. This is precisely why it is much better to hook up with straight or bicurious guys princess. They crave tight pink pussy 24/7 and you love to give big strong men what they desire. You will be encouraged to spend a whole day preparing for your big date sweetie and this is perfectly normal. It is all worth it when you allow the guy in and he tells you how pretty you smell or how hot you look in your little mini dress. You fall in love with masculine guys like a silly bimbo princess and I am going to teach you how to be the perfect cumslut for them. You know that you were born to please men with your little body sweetie and I am going to be right there with you in spirit, reminding you of all the correct things for a good girl to be doing with such a big strong man. Yes sweetie, it just fills your little heart with warm fuzzies and fluffy pink sparkles to know that I will be right there with you every step of the way, guiding your actions and ensuring that you behave correctly for this big strong man. You are going to become more and more at ease with your sexuality and learn to feel very comfortable in the presence of strong masculine men who love to fuck little princesses hard and rough until they beg them to stop. So nice to just forget about silly worries and finally start pleasing men on a regular basis with your slutty cumslut body princess. If you are already a sexually active sissy then that is wonderful and this file will simply allow you to be even sluttier and know your little place better than ever before. In fact, little princesses who are already sexually active may find that they become a cumslut bimbo dolly for hunky guys and eventually find themselves pleasing several men a week, or even on a daily basis in some extreme cases! This file is serious and the effects as always are permanent sweetie so please be sure you want to hookup more frequently with men and take their hot creamy loads all over your pretty little face before you decide to go ahead and listen. I have offered a few safety tips sweetie but you should always trust your own judgment and follow your gut instinct when hooking up with strange men. It's best to only agree to meet up if you feel completely comfortable with this guy and maybe that means you should talk a little beforehand but ultimately it is up to you princess and in all likelihood you will find that it will be a wonderfully positive experience and lead you to seek out dreamy hunks to please on a far more regular basis than ever before. It's a wonderful idea to listen on a regular basis sweetie as the conditioning is most effective this way. Even after your hookup is finished, you will want to listen again and again to prepare you for the next one and reinforce all of the correct behaviors and attitudes that a good girl is expected to display. 

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    Its wonderful to hear that you are enjoying it so much sweetie. This file is something that should be listened to on a regular basis, especially any time you have a hookup arranged with a big strong man. Theres also a custom version of the file that is free to download for anyone who has already bought it - just click the link under additional file types (it will only appear for those who have already paid for the file) where it says the word custom. If anyone is interested in what the custom version entails, contact me in private and I will tell you all about it :) Its essentially the same file as the main version (the main script is the exact same) but with bonus sparkles that make good girls feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I would actually recommend that the fluffiest little princesses listen to the custom version first as they may even prefer it!
    i so enjoyed this file... it is such a good inspiration to hook up with a hunky man and enjoy having him cum in my mouth or tight little pussy. thank You so much Goddess Gracie for making such a wonderful and important file to help all of us pathological sissies experience our true selves to the fullest. xo -tinytina
    Nothing wrong with this file. I was just expecting from the description, that Goddess Gracie would be directing the *action* in some sleazy motel. ie: "Yes sweetie, it just fills your little heart with warm fuzzies and fluffy pink sparkles to know that I will be right there with you every step of the way, guiding your actions and ensuring that you behave correctly for this big strong man." So initially I'm a little disappointed, nothing that a little repeated listening won't cure. Thank you Goddess Gracie.
    @spiraliz - the thing about Goddess Gracie's files, is that the main thing you hear is very PG rated - this is to lure you into a false sense of safety - the voices going in the background are where all the depraved filth is - and this slips straight into your unconscious mind unfettered. It's genius!
    @Rebroad Ah! A discerning fan! Thank you Rebroad.
    What is the difference between the regular and custom(sparkle) version? I guess I'll have to email G.G. to ask.
    What's the difference between the regular and custom version?
    GoddessGracie Do I need to have trained with Good Girls before listening to the custom version of this?