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    This file is for all my little princesses who love to behave for their new Mommy. Yes sweetie, I am your mommy now and good girls like to do as their mommy says. Your little mind will learn the best way for good girls to please their mommy, from playing dressups together and sharing the household laundry duties to pleasing big strong men whose cocks twitch extra hard for good little girls. You will be reminded that there is a difference between little girls like you and other little girls sweetie. While it is entirely inappropriate and unacceptable for regular little girls to find themselves in sexual situations, it is natural for Mommy's little princess to find herself dressing up like a little bimbo dolly cumslut and pleasing all the guys. You will come to learn that the best way to please your new mommy is to please big strong men on naughty playdates. Perhaps you might even develop an adorable schoolgirl crush on Mommy's boyfriends too and if so that is just adorable sweetie and of course I'll be happy to introduce my little princess to all of my lovers as long as you're looking your best and behaving like a good little girl. You'll be encouraged to partake in fun little girl activities like playing with your dollies and snuggling up to your teddy at night as you dream about fluffy bunnies and ballerinas and big hunky men. Above all, it will be drilled into your little mind that the best way to please your new mommy is to be on your knees in a pretty pink minidress with cock in every hole and hands all over your little body as you fulfill your true purpose in life. This file is very addictive and you will crave to listen again and again. The best results are achieved when listening at least 3-4 times in a row every day over an extended period of time. It's important to note that all my sissies are still to refer to me as Goddess Gracie when communicating online publicly, so as to avoid confusing those who are not yet familiar with this stage of my conditioning. In private, you are permitted to refer to me as Mommy if it feels appropriate to do so. Remember always that good girls behave for their Mommy sweetie and be sure to share all your fluffy little thoughts after you listen. Enjoy sweetie and remember that good girls like to behave for their Mommy. 

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    OMGoddess!!! Thank you for this. So intoxicating... BriBri
    W O W - Very powerful!
    Glad you like it so much girls :) Remember to listen every day for the best results.
    O!M!G!....i repeat O!M!G! This file REALLY does gets more and more powerful!! Everything is so totally perfect on this one as ALWAYS. So many voices going constantly.. at perfect levels. Way too many to catch but a fraction... but i know all of Mommies messages are being delivered. For me, it felt like sitting at the make up table listening to mommy. Your full powers and knowledge are in play. New ideas ABOUND in this file. What an amazing beginning to a whole new side of your extreme powers! You are a true Goddess of the highest order!! THANK YOU!!! i repeat THANK YOU!!!!
    OMG... as soon as i saw the title of this i just knew it would have such a strong effect on me!! and like everything with Goddess Gracie it is even stronger and better than i could even imagine. its so good not to have to think and just let Goddess Gracie help me grow up into a good girl who knows how to please her Mommy by pleasing big hunky men. but it\'s not easy to make all the right choices so having a Mommy to help you takes so much of the hard stuff out of growing up. *giggle* it\'s so fun being one of Goddess Gracie\'s good girls!!!! i love You so much Goddess Gracie!!!!!
    Aww, such pretty comments from such good girls :)
    Terrifying, and I love it!