• Dopamine    
    The neurotransmitter dopamine is the root of all motivation and desire. It's also extremely easy to hack using novelty. This recording encourages you to increase novelty in your life by becoming increasingly curious, suggestible and enthusiastic to experience everything. It's a relatively vanilla file with a fair amount of wiggle room for the right listener interested in trying new things. Feedback and comments are appreciated. Lack of them is kind of disappointing, so please, contribute. More recordings available for your perusal at slutinmyhead.com. Thanks for listening.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (7)
    Length: 16:09
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    I\'m not yet sure what long-term listening might do, but one listen was very relaxing and cheering -- thank you!
    loving this file and your work .... keep it up!
    I am really enjoying this file. I find it extremely relaxing and the file is filled with lots of positive suggestions. Its great!
    \"Feedback and comments are appreciated. Lack of them is kind of disappointing, so please, contribute\" Read: Now that i got caught writing my own feedback can someone else please write some random and meaningless comment to stroke my little ego? please? *sadpuppyeyes* someone?
    Pouthice, I\'ve never written my own feedback. That level of cynicism is not healthy. Seriously, you get cancer from that shit... Feel free to just ignore any files from me you see in the future. As for the rest of you, thank you for commenting. Each of these files represents several hours of research, writing, editing, recording, then editing the recording... I share a lot of files for free to reinforce our little community, which depends on there actually being one :)
    Just followed a comment from rgn on my \"white light\" file who combined it with this... This is really toxic, feedback is the lifeblood of the community! Admittedly, some do it for money but those who don\'t do it for feedback! Making a file is a lot of work, far more than most people realize! Even if you have a personal problem with an author (to be open - my interaction with slut wasn\'t really remotely nice either) you can talk with someone directly... or forget it and move on! This is just poisoning the community at large! If people would write more feedback I\'m sure there would be much more files! And if you listen to an half an hour or even hour long file - and probably multiple times - it\'s not too much to expect to take a minute or two for some feedback! And if it\'s just a \"I like the file\" which takes 10 seconds...
    Listened to it for the first time today. I quite liked it, I felt generally positive, hopeful and also a bit excited after it. Good stuff, I\'m looking forward to listening to it many more times.
    Hopefully not too much extra, otherwise there is a possibility of insanity, schizophrenia and extreme paranoia
    Hmmm.... always stay curious... its how we learn... keep up the good work..... thanks
    Sorry i didnt know it was repeating.. please forgive me...
    Love this just from the first listen! Feel rejuvenated looking at life.. thank you