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    Brainwashing in its purest form, this file is a curse which has extremely positive effects on the lives of little sissy princesses and silly bimbos alike. You will learn what true acceptance means and your little mind will understand that there is no turning back. You may already feel like you have reached some degree of acceptance regarding your sissy nature and that is wonderful, however this file will allow you reach true lifelong acceptance of not only your sexuality, but also your fluffy little place in the world and everything that entails. Yes sweetie, you will be taught to accept everything just as it is and this will make your life so much more pleasant and joyful. So nice to surrender to reality and just let it be. Happiness and positivity are big focuses of this file sweetie and you will learn to become a happier, more positive person and these effects will not soon fade upon reaching the file's conclusion. You will treat everyone in your life with kindness and love but you will learn not to care about the approval of others because your self-love and self-acceptance allow you to follow your heart and not get caught up in the misperceptions of those around you. You will learn true acceptance of your place serving real men with your little pussy and happy giggly mouth and you will learn true acceptance of your place where women are concerned. You will learn to fully accept the platonic sisterly relationships that true pathological sissies have with women and you will be so happy that you aren't expected to go anywhere near their frightening and utterly contemptuous vaginas that look like they could just chew a sissy's soft little clitty to pieces. Those sissies with a strong bimbo side will have that strengthened tenfold today and your acceptance of your bimbo self will come just as naturally as your acceptance of your sissy sexuality princess. You will find that saying the word "sparkle" out loud in your most feminine voice allows you to enter a new mode of existence that can continue for as long as you like and be unlocked whenever you say that special word that silly bimbos love. There are blankness and amnesia triggers at a couple of points throughout the file sweetie so don't worry if you seem to blank out completely and forget everything you heard up to that point - it will only make you more eager to listen again shortly after and all of the effects will take hold in your everyday life whether you remember every detail or not. Though the effects are wonderfully positive, this file is still a curse and you take full responsibility for the decision to listen. Any events that occur in your everyday life as a result of listening can just be accepted happily and eagerly as it's just so much more pleasant that way sweetie. You will learn that your love and acceptance shield you from hate, negativity and resistance and this will allow you to lead a happier life filled with positivity and joy. You will learn to be happy exactly as you are and not try to be anything that you aren't. You may still want to work on things like your physical appearance to be more pretty and get to please more men, but these things are merely bonuses rather than things you need to achieve in order to be satisfied with who you are. Naturally this file is extremely addictive princess and you will find yourself wanting to listen on a daily basis and perhaps you will set a goal to listen to it more than any other file I have made. Do not take the curse lightly princess as though the effects are wonderful, you may find that you have little to no control over them once they start to take hold of your little mind. One listen is more than enough for the effects to take hold but true sissies will find themselves listening time and time again and the effects will grow stronger and stronger with every subsequent listen. Enjoy sweetie and remember to share all your fluffy little thoughts after you've listened. 

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    This file is best suited to somewhat advanced sissies who have previous experience with my work. It is the most serious and important stage of my conditioning yet and despite the curse element the effects are profoundly positive. Enjoy girls :)
    such a yummy file that is like a very fast slide made of sparkly slippy stuff that takes a sissy from starting on the path to sissihood and makes her arrival quick and certain. it\'s so good to accept my fate as enabling me to love myself and everyone else and become a big titted bimbo for all the dreamy men who want to take me in my pussy or throat. and it\'s a curse so there is absolutely no possibility of turning back or wanting to be anything other than a little sissy fucktoy addicted to cum. yay!!! i can\'t wait to listen to this over and over again. *giggle* thank You Goddess Gracie for this excellent brainwashing file!!!!! xoxoxo -tinytina
    Glad you are enjoying it so much sweetie :) I look forward to observing the effects the curse has on you and all the girls over the next few weeks. Love from Goddess Gracie xx
    mmm i am listening to it again... it is the strongest file ever Goddess.... so sissifying. it is so powerful on my mind and body. thank you so much for it Goddess and what it is doing to me *giggle* ~sparkle~ xo, tiny
    i am looping your bimbo all night. you are god..Mmmmm
    Glad all my little princesses are enjoying the file so much - be sure to check my blog for the official post on the file along with lots more comments about it! The link is at the end of the file description above.
    Omg! This file! <3
    I have been teetering back and forth for 21 years between if I want to be man or woman, in just a few days this file has single handedly shown me my inner sparkle and pushed me over the edge into full on sissy. <3
    Yay! That is wonderful jillybear sweetie :) So happy for you!
    I love you¡!! You\'re the owner inside my brain....oh my god...... I lust to do what you say my Goddess. I love your power. Mmmmmmm IMA woman.
    I love your files Goddess.......so so nice
    Aww, thats nice sweetie :) Remember to train regularly with Acceptance and of course the new Bimbo Blessing Redux for lovely effects that are just wonderful. Love from Goddess Gracie xx
    I love it!
    Yay! :) Do be aware that I just put out a new file called Women Just Know earlier this week - wonderful conditioning for little sissies to help them understand their little place better than ever before.
    I love this. This has pushed me over the edge to the point of no return.. Not that I want to return anyway! Just want to listen over and over again!! :)
    You may already be aware that I have a new file out called Serenity which is a lovely followup to Acceptance - taking the themes even further and making happiness and inner peace an even stronger focus. Serenity is also a curse file with lots of hardcore bimbo conditioning and brainwashing for all my good little sissies. Enjoy girls - love from Goddess Gracie xx
    Hello GoddessGracie, Thank you for putting together all of your powerful files. Acceptance.. wow.. mind blowing, numbing, and changing. I currently have 3 of your files in playlist that I set to repeat while I sleep. This is the first so as to make sure I'm awake for the whole thing. Hugs and Kisses - Danni
    18 months ago I purged and deleted all my everything and threw out all my panties, wigs, and bras, and moisturizers, and stockings, and baby dolls, and high heels, and camisoles, and satin slips, and lipsticks, and lashes, and two grocery bags full of makeup, and my epilators, and my nail polish, and I threw out my dildos, and my butt plugs, and my ball gag, and my earrings, and necklaces, and my pink teddy bear. 3 weeks ago I got really horny and bought 52 files from another site and I've been masturbating nonstop ever since with no orgasm, and this file makes me want to put on stripper heels and fishnets and hookup with a great big mean hairy daddy to turn my throat into another pussy and then jack-off all over my f**ckin' FACE! I know that Goddess Gracie loves me just the way I am, and I'm so so glad! Thank you for helping me to bounce right back to being so completely f**cked in my Sissy worthless bitch head all over again! It's the Bestest Mommy... I also bought Sparkle 1&2' , Diddle-Free Mantras, Good Girl Redux, Fuck Doll Fantasy, and Pink Paradise. I'm going to have to jack the sperm out of at least two fat cocks a day every day for two years to put out the fire.