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    This is an edited version of my Bimbo Blessing Redux file, now suitable for women! References to sissies etc are removed and there is a little new stuff added here and there for all the ladies who could perhaps do with letting their hair down a little and having more fun. The file was not made from scratch for women but has been tailored to suit them, with references to silly sissies and tiny clitties removed completely. I'd estimate that about 85% of the file is almost the same as the original Redux file and though it is intended for women, I understand if a few of the most feminine or womanly sissies just can't help themselves and I don't forbid sissies from enjoying the file along with their nice lady friends. Do be warned that this file is a curse and the effects are very serious and everlasting. It's important to exercise common sense and take the necessary precautions when dressed up all pretty and walking the streets in slutty stripper heels and a pretty summer dress, tittyflesh on display in search of a strong manly pair of arms to fall into for kisses and cuddles. That being said, you will find it hard to resist doing just that on a regular basis as this curse will turn you into a fun loving happy horny cumslut bimbo who is in a constant state of sexual arousal, ever yearning for cock inside her. If you are in a monogamous relationship then it is strongly advised that you avoid listening to this file as you will find that you have an overwhelming desire to suck the cock of every masculine man you meet and you may find yourself spreading your legs for every guy in town so long as they all have adequate (strict 6-7 inch minimum) cocks that know how to fuck good girls long and hard. On the other hand, men with somewhat prudish or frigid partners may like to purchase this for their little wifeys or girlfriends who could stand to become a little more adventurous in the bedroom - of course you assume full responsibility for the decision to gift this curse upon your partner in this way and I will not be held accountable if she ends up becoming the biggest slut in town or even leaves you for a man with a bigger cock. I will not be held responsible for any possible relationship issues, breakups or even pregnancies that may occur as the result of listening to this file. If your dear wife gets impregnated by BBC - that is just something you will have to accept. If on the other hand you are a woman who is already a little promiscuous by nature then you will find that this file increases those desires and urges tenfold and may lead to a growing reputation as the filthiest whore in town for big strong men. Yes sweetie, you may even become a whore as a result of listening to this file and this is just something that you will need to accept should it occur. Acceptance is just wonderful and so very freeing. This file will make you dumber, happier, hornier and a whole lot sluttier and the effects are irreversible so do be sure it's what you truly want before you make the decision to listen again and again until your fluffy pink mind floats away into cotton candy dreamy land where every bimbo has a big strong hubby with a ten inch cock who makes her dress up all pretty and flirt with every man she meets like a trashy slut. Remember that this curse is extremely powerful and very addictive and it's best to listen several times a week, or even several times a day if permitted. Do remember to be safe sweetie and try to avoid any unpleasant situations as best as possible. This file is being sold at the special price of $25 as a special treat for all the nice ladies who need and deserve a little more fun and happiness in their lives.

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    As with the original BB Redux file, you can download the conditioning portion (the full file minus the induction) by clicking where it says the word body under additional file types. This will only be visible to those who have purchased the file, but it can be handy if you want to loop the brainwashing without listening to the induction and warning section every time. Enjoy girls :) Love from Goddess Gracie xx
    what would happen if boi sissies listen?
    Sissies are free to listen of course sweetie, it's mostly the same as the original BB Redux file - only references to sissies and things that are inherently sissy related are removed. It will still turn a sissy into a slutty fuckdoll in heat, but obviously the regular version would be best for most sissies.
    I would pay (more!) for this if it were a silent subliminal. Can you make a silent version?
    I just totally love this file, it's like the best on internet for good little girls! I would buy every file you made for good girls! " little new stuff added here and there for all the ladies who could perhaps do with letting their hair down a little and having more fun." This is making my life so much happier and gigglier! <3 <3 and i really recommend this for a ll the nice sissy girls too! ThANKS like totally so much Goddess Gracie for making every good girls life so much better! <3