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    In this recording, the listener is given an increasingly addictive trigger to become obedient and submissive to nipple stimulation. Sexual desire is heightened. Next, comes programming to become increasingly flirtatious, uninhibited, sexually experimental and demanding. Develop a complex style of negotiation using sexual arousal as currency. Find it more and more natural doing for each other when you're turned on - and reinforcing that. As your thoughts and interests become increasingly slutty, focus all that sexual energy on your partner. Got a thing for nipples? This recording takes that to the next level. Pronouns he, him and his reference your partner, but this recording is otherwise gender nonspecific. Please comment here or in the forums. Find more recordings at www.slutinmyhead.com. Thanks for listening!

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    Length: 33:11
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    Hello, i bought the file and i think i had developped a chest obsession after listening. I want somebody touch them. It\'s a strange feeling of excitment & submission. Thank you.
    Does the file mention the partner pronoun constantly? Or is it only occasional or in a small part? Thanks