• Premature ejaculator subliminals — $25    
    This contains both the silent subliminal and the masked subliminal version of my Premature Ejaculator file. Small changes have been made to the script so that the suggestions are more appropriate for a subliminal file. On the mp3 link you are going to find the silent version, on the body link, you are going to find the masked one, and on the script link you can download the script. Listen to the version that you prefer at least once a day. The recommended duration is 8 hours per day in total, and no more than 12, which probably makes the silent ones more practical for this purpose, since you can have it playing in the background on repeat, while doing other things at the same time. Play the silent subliminals at a normal volume. You can use the masked version to find out a comfortable volume level and then play the silent ones, without changing the volume. When playing the silent subliminals, you may hear a barely audible crackling sound. This is normal. It is preferable that you don't use headphones for the silent subliminals, since high volumes of those might damage the ears. You can listen to the masked version whenever you want, but a good time to listen to is right before you fall asleep. Listen every day for at least one month, preferably more, and notice the changes. Please leave a comment describing your experiences. Thank you for listening, NinaTemptress.

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    Length: 19:59
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    Thank you. Could you make a feminization one like this? I am open to any other surprises you may want to add to it... =)