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The panties

by HypnoDiaperSlave

The panties

Eric Grinned at me. "John, you'll never believe what I got." I looked up at him, and sighed. "What do you have this time, Eric?" He pulled a pair of Plain, White, cotton Panites from his pocket. "Who did you take those from?" I asked him, partially in shock."This person at the market sold them to me. I got you a pair too." He grinned. "Do I look like I want a pair of panties?" I asked him. "C'mon Bro, just try them." He pleaded. "No means no.". He looked at me and sighed. "Fine, Suit Yourself. Im going to go put this pair on.". Eric Walked out of the room, and returned a minute later, clad in only the panties. There was a clear bulge down there. "Can you put something else on, other than just your damn panties?". I asked him. "Nope, too bad for you." I picked up my book and left the room. At dinner, he actually had his clothes on, and made less than nomentions to the panties. Later, we were both up in our shared room. "John, Im going to go take a shower" He told me. "You dont have to tell me everything you do, you know." He left the room, and ran back less than a minute later, with only the panties on. "I CANT TAKE THEM OFF". He said with worry. "First of all, be quiet, you dont wan mom and dad knowing. Secondly, what do you mean, you cant take them off? Do you like how they look on you too much or something dumb
like that?" I asked him. "No, I physically cannot take them off!" I demonstated by trying to push them down his legs, but they refused to budge. I got up, and tried to push them down his leg, with no luck. "Well, you're screwed." I said. "ARNT YOU GOING TO TRY ANYTHING ELSE?" "Theres nothing to try, they are stuck on you." "Well what should
I do then?!" "Try again in the morning, its worth a shot." "I guess you're right" He said, calmer than before. We went to sleep, and our alarm woke us both up at 7:00 AM. Streching and rubbing my eyes, I asked "So, can you take them off?" "Lets see" He tried to slide them off, and they slid off as easy as they had slid on. The shock was that his penis was gone, replaced by a Vagina. He was about to scream in horror, so I placed my hand over
his mouth. "NO NO NO THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING" He stammered. "Im sure theres SOMEHOW a logical explanation for this. Just go take a shower, and then we'll figure out what to do." I told him, staying as calm as I could. "Alright." After he was finished with his shower and dressed, we went out to the market he had gone to yesterday. "Now, where
is the person you bought those panties from?" He lead me to the booth, but it was deserted. We both climbed in, staying as hidden as possible. Looking through the wares, we found some tape, panties like the ones he had, bras, and boxer briefs. He took a few of each, shoved them into his bag, and we headed home, undetected. When we arrived home, we both headed up to our room, and closed the door, and locked it. He took the items we had gotten out of his bag, and laid them on his bed. "So if the panties gave me a vagina, the briefs should give me a dick, right?" "That makes sense, if you think about it." He took the pair of briefs, and slid it up hiss legs, and we went about business as usual. Later, when he went to take a shower, he found that he could still easilly take off the briefs. He took his shower, and put them back on as soon as he was dried off. We both went to bed as normal, but what we saw in the morning shocked us both. Over the night, he had somehow changed into the bra and panties, without wanting to do so. His breasts were at least a c-cup, so there was no hiding them. What shocked us more, is all his clothes had been replace by female clothing. We decided to roll with it, because there wasnt much we could do. His hair was longer now, and his voice was feminine. His whole body was changing, and there was nothing we could do. That night, I woke up to the panties being pulled up my legs, and I felt the bra on my chest already there. "ERIC, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? "Shh John, everything will be okay." He pulled a belt closed, keeping my legs together, and I noticed my arms were handcufed behind me. All I could do is fall asleep. The next morning, Eric's old personality, and memories were gone, completely replaced by his female self. I felt my body changing throughout the day, and I hated it, knowing there was nothing I could do. As I write this, I can feel my memoires start to slip way. This will be the only evidence toward what happened.


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