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The New Boy II

by hypfan2000

The New Boy II

And there i was, kneeling in front of my little young master. "Ashley, who am i?" he said. "You are my master and owner", i responded automatically.
So there we were, a young girl kneeling, and his younger master, in front of her sitting on his bed.
"Never thought i would have the chance to have you like this" he said and started laughing, "you were so shy and your body has the potential to be the one of such a good girl".
I couldn't concentrate on what he was saying, all i knew was that everything he said was the truth. "Yes master" was my response.
"So, now i want to try you slave, here's what i want you to do, you are going to strip for me, you are the slutiest stripper in the world. You will take all of your clothes except for your panties and bra. Do that slave.".
And suddenly there i was, moving my hips from side to side, showing my little ass to him, slowly undressing, like dancing. And as i got more naked, the more i started to dance and to show him my little body. Until i got standing in front of him in my panties and bra, straight up and waiting for more orders.
"Good slut, i think that you may have more uses than being a slave, maybe a dumb bimbo stripper would suit you better. Anyway, thats for another time slave, now, kneel and start sucking my penis."
As he said that he unzipped his trousers, and let out he small penis, kinda flacid, kinda hard, pointing at me. All i could do is focus on it, say yes master and start sucking it so soft and so deep. I was in a cocksucker trance, just doing that, and could felt him in extasis while i was sucking him.
After some minutes he was so horny i could felt his cock getting harder in my mouth. "Im about to cum slut, stop sucking and open your mouth for my seed". As i did that, a hot liquid cover my face and enter my mouth, i felt i was in extasis too, and also felt my master pleasure as mine.
"Good slut, you did well today, i think that ill program you into that dumb bimbo i said, maybe we can covertly tranform you into my bimbo slut, but for now sleep" and clicked his fingers.
There was a fog and then i cant remember more.
To be continued.


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