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The Cap

by outkast1728

The Cap

The cap had been a gift from a neighbor, strangely, one he never really talked to, but anyways, he took it with mild thanks, and continued on with his day.

He was going to take some pictures at the park when the wind picked up, and he realized he had dressed poorly. Might as well put on the cap.

Pulling it from his backpocket, he checked out the tags before pulling it over his head. Instead of feeling warmer, something else happened. His thoughts became cloudy as if someone had come up behind him, and whispered YesSleep into his ears, and slowly, the world around him simply faded away.

He sat above it all steadily relaxing and deepening as all thoughts simply vacated his head one at a time, a slow march to nothingness. How nice it felt, seeing only straight ahead, and never quite comprehending what he was looking at, or if he was trying to look at anything, simply looking, and falling deeper. Just like when we say YesSleep.

It turns out, the cap was more than just something trendy to wear, or to stay warm, even though it did both, but just not as he expected. He did feel warm, and complacent, and something else he couldn’t pinpoint. As the inside of his head hollowed, he felt a longing, a need, but he didn’t know for what.

Inside the cap, embedded in the wool, was a tiny microchip that even now was ingraining itself into his head. Separating from the cap, and attaching itself to the back of his neck, YesSleep. He never felt it as it sealed itself onto his skin, and slowly took over.

He never even felt the urge to scratch the itch. Soon the cap would not be necessary as the chip continued to expanding, sending mechanical, and electrical, tendrils into his mind. And he simply sat there, taking it, embracing it, he tilted his head back in arousal as the injections sunk in deeper. Taking away all thoughts, worries, and needs, replacing them, and soon everything he was would be wiped away.

People passed him on the sidewalk never looking his way. They wouldn’t have seen anything to alarm them, just a boy sitting quietly thinking to himself, except he wasn’t thinking.

He was slowly being turned into a drone, and that need that was slowly filling him up was a need to obey. Just like Yessleep would want.


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