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Personality Shifter....

by Haxsaw

Personality Shifter....

Let me start off by stating, for the record, none of the girls at my large home have ever been used for any sexual activity, whatsoever. While some girls and quite a few men have inquired I take picture images posted under GALLERY, within ENTRANCED. I post the tamer images. What you read here is a posting of fictional scribbling from my mind. See how easy that is?

Haxsaw lurched forward. Using a gold tipped black cane he slowly made his direction toward the main floor to his large home. Muttering curses he hobbled down the staircase. He was greeted with giggles and a few claps.
"Girls, girls!' he said. His voice, though older, not a college kid anymore, sounded to bear the sands of time. He seemed to move as if ready to burst open with renewed energy. On the wrap around sofa, at the far corner to the L shaped floor lay out to his living room were the girls, all seven of them. "I am glad you came here for this free demonstration on the effects of mind control as well how to improve your lot in life."
Many of the girls were smiling and several simply grinned, watching with fascination. Behind Haxsaw the computer system was plugged in and a special, very special series of songs from E.M.G. the master to warpmymind.com dreamily echoed out a siren's calling. One girl, a hand upon her breast, remarked the soothing music seemed so comfortable. Other girls said the drinks were pleasant. All was so nice. Haxsaw stood tall, extending his arms, as he did so many times in the past. The drinks, pink colored ginger ales, were all placed upon a glass topped coffee table before them.
"I came to this Tropic Island and opened shop, offering many services. Being from the mainland, many were reluctant, at first. In time, business in this sector went well. The only bomb, the only portion to not lift off were sales of my self help files. I wanted offer them, free trial, this night, for all. I will be having these open workshops, as you have seen advertised, locally, every night this week. Truthfully, I need increase sale. Also, I want give you the opportunity to excel. Does anyone want be improved?"
All the girls were smiling and shaking heads yes.
Not letting up, Haxsaw leaned forward, on his cane. "Do you believe. Do you believe this chance can be your first step toward a new you, a new woman, today?" At this the girls were more excited, matching Haxsaw's rise in feelings displayed. He looked at them, grinning.

After so much time the girls agreed to try a sound file, together. Haxsaw nodded. He told and explained it wise to make agreement as a group.
As the girls stood, many in dresses or dress slacks, several held hands while Haxsaw told what to hear and expect. While this went on Haxsaw turned on the T.V. monitor. A display revealed a black and white swirl that constantly rotated, inwardly. So the sound files began.
After about four minutes the girls were relaxing. After about three more minutes the girls were blank appearing. In the next minute every girl was with heads bobbed forward, eyes closed at rest. The sound file gave commands and the girls all went deeper. In the first sound file they were to be sex dolls.

As the commands went on the girls each reacted differently. One girl stood, shocked. Her legs were straight. Her mouth was open and she panted. Another girl, wearing a fancy yet tight dress, bent at her knees, slightly. Her face leaned upwardly as her back arched. Her mouth fell open while she flexed her hips, over and again. Other girls were moaning, gently. Some other girls were breathing heavily. One girl was reaching out her arms, as if hugging someone. At end of session the next sound file began.
For a moment the seven girls in Haxsaw's living room stood at attention. Some were slumped at the shoulders. Others were confused. Other girls were grinning. It was the grin one would have after finding a last cookie at the bottom of the jar or the last slice of chocolate cake in the far corner of the refrigerator type grin. The next sound file was robot girl.
All the girls were beginning to move about, slowly and rather stiff, sort of at an awkward gait. The sound file made them obedient robots with desire to follow command. Haxsaw watched, knowing they had no command to yet follow. After so much time of motion each girl froze, as if locked up in place. One girl was at a far corner of the living room. Another girl was near the door. Yet another girl was near the T.V. monitor. So she stood, arms extended, motionless, mouth opened as if to ask a question. After so much time that file came to end. The next file was horse fucked.
At this the girls went deeper and deeper in trance. Haxsaw tossed the cane. He did not even limp! What a snow job. Sort of Willy Wonka when he revealed himself at the start of the Chocolate Factory Movie. Humph! Haxsaw looked over books on the shelf, below the T.V. monitor rack. It was just time, just time. He was just biding time.
He had to sell these gosh' darn files. Here he was, way the frig' overseas! He set up shops. He had rentals. He was making money. Everything was good except for these cotton picking sound files. Was it his fault less than three hundred years ago the entire island community was Pagan? Was it his fault the majority here attended church mixed to ancient Pagan belief systems stemming originally from animal worship as done by now dead mountain tribes? Haxsaw exhaled, rubbed his forehead. By appearing weaker he hoped to conjure the image of being less a threat. He needed to make money. By God or by high water he promised L.N. he would send her to school. Now L.N. wanted a freaking B.S. from a university? The girls before him were getting down on their knees. It was sort of like watching them wiggling out of clothing they were not actually wearing.

As they went through the motions one girl hiked up her dress. Another girl screamed. Several other girls were crying, gently. As they cried, one after the other, they were panting. Some girls immediately spread their legs, to the reaction. One girl's back arched as she yelped, "No! Its too big.... No, it's too... Oh my God. Fuck me harder!" Haxsaw could spy that same girl clenching.
Other girls were dropping to the floor, face first. One girl opened her eyes, stood and leaned against the coffee table. It was the young lady with the dress hiked around her waistline. As she tilted over the coffee table she begged for more of what she was getting. "Oh. I am tearing. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Take me. I am yours. I need this!"
At this Haxsaw placed in his own words. By snapping fingers he told the girls they did, indeed, need this more than they realized. He told them, aloud, it was their secret. It was what made them real women, after all. Once the file played for about a half hour it ended. Haxsaw got the girls from the floor and placed each on the wrap around sofa. Telling they would remember nothing but feel very, very good, he awakened them.
After a brief discussion the girls demanded, not asked, demanded prices. Haxsaw was selling many files, that first night. At end of his week, an entire stock was gone. Come late Sunday night a weary Haxsaw typed a message to E.M.G., the undisputed master at warpmymind.com.
Dear E.M.G.,
I would need ask permission to download some of my other files from your site. I am suddenly in big demand, here. Thanks again, big guy. Oh, by the way, the website you told me list is printed at the back of each sound file sold. Yes, the girls who came for free demonstrations loved the show! You were right. Here is hoping they react well to your Plan B, once on-line.


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